Sunday, March 30, 2014

The New Playroom

Ava's bedroom was overloaded with toys. Overloaded. We knew we needed to do something with everything before we can even think of bringing Addy Grace home. We decided to transition the spare bedroom into a play room and have the girls share a bedroom. I told John we were going to do this right. We started early last Saturday and dug in. I dumped two bags of garbage/broken toys and a big garbage bag of clothes. I also reorganized the dressers and closet to make room for Addy's wardrobe (which is coming along nicely). I waited too long to take pictures and there was already a mess in the playroom. So please disregard. Ha!

These are prints that Ava's class had made for scholarship time. The 4 framed prints are from when she was in Two's and the middle picture is from this year in Five's. 
And then we were able to clean some things out of Ava's room and make tons more space. I need to start transitioning all of the Ava's into A's. Ha! Addy girl needs some things too!
The mess on her bed? Don't mind it, it's my China pile. 

And the closet...

It's getting there!

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