Monday, March 17, 2014

Ringworm, Piper, Sam, and Eyelashes

Are you reading this title and gagging? Yep, it's true. Miss Thing has ring worm. Blech. I got the call about 9:30 Friday morning and spent the rest of the day working on getting her into the Dr. Hence, the no Confessional Friday. I promise this week. Anyhow, it's in the very early stages and is no longer contagious. But she needs the creamed applied twice a day for 4 weeks! Isn't that crazy?? Dr. Tracy said as soon as the medicine is stopped, it will come right back. Did I mention, Blech??

Saturday we were running errands and met my mom, Tracy, and our friend, Melissa for lunch. Which means we got to hang out with this super cute little Piper girl! She is so frickin' cute! She said Hi to every person who walked past our table. Ha!
Saturday night John had a poker party at our house so Ava and I were going to chill. And then I got the call to watch Sam! Yes, please!!!

He seriously has the best laugh!!! We had a great time playing, getting him to laugh, and he really enjoyed watching Sofia The First! Bahaha! Ava had lots of practice of giving him his bottle.

And then our entertainment for the evening came over. Kelly and Holly decided they were going to experiment with fake lashes. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! It was great! While they look super pretty when done, my lashes are just fine and I'm ok with them!

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