Monday, January 22, 2018

Kids World Cheer Competition

Addy had a cheer competition on Sunday. 
Her little squad is so cute and they got 2nd place!!
Great job Addycakes!

Winter Brewfest

Saturday night we took some time off from being parents and headed down to Fifth Third field for the annual Brewfest. Thank goodness for decent weather! We've had such bitter temperatures so we were thankful for the 40 degree weather. 
Brewfest is definitely more of John's taste but we had fun. 
Next year I will probably do the designated driver ticket. 
Ha! I'm so lame!

We met John's friend from work and his girlfriend. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

John's Service Awards

We shipped the girls off to Uncle Nate's for a sleepover with their new bags from Aunt Martha 

and we headed to John's Service Awards

We had a wonderful time out and Uncle Nate spoiled the girls crazy! 
Everyone wins!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Ava Update

Just when I thought we had turned the corner with Ava's knee, she woke up on Tuesday with it completely swollen. I called the Dr and they got us in immediately. 
I didn't think it was anything until they started asking me questions about her family history and clotting. Then it became clear. They thought she had a blood clot. Her leg was swollen and cold. She did have a pulse in her foot which was good. But....they rushed us to a Vascular Surgeons office for additional testing. Ok, so I panicked. I didn't completely freak out. But I was close. 
We went to the surgeon and they did a full ultrasound on her leg and another test where they listened to her blood flow. They wouldn't share the results but told me they were comfortable in letting me leave. The Dr called me within minutes to tell everything looked clear. They aren't sure what was causing the swelling but it was gone the next day. She's been walking great and hasn't complained about any pain.

We were all exhausted after these tests. But grateful for good results!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What's Up Wednesday?

Nothing new on the blog front so I thought I would share What's Up Wednesday?

What We're Eating This Week:
All of the holiday leftovers and goodies are either gone or pitched. I was sick of looking at them.
Back to menu planning and real meals this week.
Tonight we are having stroganoff (which is cooking in the crock pot)
Tomorrow is Dorito Pie. Ava is soooo excited for that meal!

What I'm Reminiscing About:
Warm weather. We are currently experiencing extreme cold in the 419.
I keep thinking of the time I was on the beach in Half Moon Cay and when I went into the water, I swear my skin sizzled because I was so hot.

What I'm Loving:
Fuzzy Socks, Scarves, Uggs, and Warm Blankets

What We've Been Up To:
Back to the grind and schedules. The girls go back to school tomorrow but I'm wondering if they will cancel because of the temps. Ava started indoor soccer but we only have two games in because she hurt her knee. She continues with guitar every week. Addy started cheer back up this week and she is so happy!

What I'm Dreading:
It's supposed to get colder, yo!!! I know I live in Ohio and I know we have winter. But jeez.

What I'm Working On:
Chinese New Year! It's coming around the corner and I've been perusing websites for ideas. My plan is to go to both girls classes for a lesson and then I also help coordinate the FCC party.

What I'm Excited About:
Budget. John and I are both spenders and we have developed a hard core budget for our family. I'm so ready to lay low for awhile. We have two big vacations this year and we need to save, save, save!!

What I'm Watching/Reading:
Ava and I are reading Wonder together. We are almost done and then we have a big date planned to go see the movie. It's such a good read and I recommend it for children. It's a wonderful lesson.
I've been binge watching Gilmore Girls. I just started Season 7. John has been on nights and I can usually get 2 episodes in a night. Ava and Addy love it, as well. It's so wholesome for the family. All warm and fuzzy.

What I'm Listening To:
At work, I stick my ear buds in and listed to 90's Country. I always listen to Country in the winter. I don't know why. Once the weather turns warm, I switch to R&B and current pop.

What I'm Wearing:
Sweaters, Thick Socks, Uggs. Pretty much the same answer to What I'm Loving. Haha!

What I'm Doing This Weekend:
Date NIGHT!!! John has his service awards and we are going. We get to dress up, have a nice meal, and be adults.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:
Valentines Boxes for the Girls and Chinese New Year.

What Else Is New:
Not too much. I guess you can say we are boring right now. :)