Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ava's Baptism

We FINALLY had Ava baptized on Sunday. I wish we had done it sooner, as this was John's mom wish. It was simply one of those things that kept falling off the radar. But, we did it! And it was wonderful and Ava was the star of the show!! We chose Emily and Nathan to be her godparents. They were so honored which made it special. After the service was over, the pastor took her down the aisle to sort of introduce her to the church. My girl skipped down the aisle and high fived the individuals sitting on the ends. It was so funny!! I wish, wish, wish we had it on video. I had her dress made out of my wedding gown so it was super special. Of course, she wanted it off the second we got home. We had a nice party back at our house after church was over. Thanks to all of our friends and family to made the day so special!!

Oh, and I made the cake!! Not too bad, I thought! Haha!!

FCC Circus Event

The Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus was in town last weekend. This year's theme is the Dragon. And since it is the Year of Dragon...our FCC group got a special invite to a sneak peak of The Greatest Show on Earth!! So many little was so sweet! We hung out with Emmett's family and him and Ava were two peas in a pod. Though she micro manages him quite a bit, they are so cute together!! They were a little unsure in the begininng, but seemed to warm up.

John and Ella's daddy took part in the Kung Fu demonstration!

Our FCC group!!

And before we left???? We were interviewed by Channel 13 news!! I wish I could get the link to work on here. But I can't...:( Some of you may have seen it on Facebook.
What a fun day for all of our families!!! Totally worth the vacation day!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gotcha Day - 2 years!!!

Dear Ava,
Two years? How is it possible? Haven't you always been a part of my life??
My dear girl, you have no idea how deeply the love I have for you is. I just look at you every day and think "are you really mine?" You have the absolute best personality, so sweet yet so stubborn. I love when you randomly say "I lub you, mom". You warm my heart to the very core. I love laying in bed with you and you suck your thumb and rub my ears. I want those moments to last forever. You truly believe you are an adult always asking "remember when I was a little kid?" You are still my little Ava Kate and I love every moment I'm with you. I miss you when you're not with me and I run to be with you again. You filled my heart where I needed it the most. Thank you so much for being my daughter. I love you doesn't even seem like enough. But know, that I love you with everything that I am!!


We celebrated our two year family day with a Princess themed dinner. Ava planned the menu...wait for dogs and macaroni and cheese. LOL! My parents, Aunt Tammy, Jacey, Jordyn, Em, and Nate all celebrated with us!
Happy Gotcha Day, Ava Katherine!! We love you sooooo much!

Fall Festival

Wednesday night the East YMCA hosted a fall festival for the kids. They got to dress up in their costumes and had all kinds of games and crafts for them. It was super cute and gave Ava a chance to rock her Cinderella costume.

And one of Ava's good friends was there and guess how she was dressed?? Cinderella!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brazilian Blowout

I had my blowout last Thursday. LOVE.MY.HAIR. I am so in love with this treatment. I see them in my future for a long time to come...

Here is right after I had it done...
And....the best part....After sittting in the rain for 3 hours on Friday night. Normally, I would be a frizzy, curly mess....

LOVE <3 p="p">


Birthdays, Birthdays!!!

We had a double birthday party day on Saturday! We got to celebrate Sawyer's 1st Birthday and Jordyn's 4th birthday!! Ava had a great day and behaved so well at both parties. Proud Mama!!

All of the kids were super excited about presents! They blocked the view!!
Waiting for his cake!!
Lovin' his smash cake!!
It was so cute when we went to leave. Ava said I want to give Sawyer a kiss. She walked up to him while smashing his cake and she said "I'm not kissin' that kid, he's a mess!" LOL!!

Luckily Jordyn was a good sport and allowed Ava to be right in the middle of opening presents.

Isn't this picture precious??

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Special Gowns

Remember that something special I couldn't wait to share with you?? Well, here it is!

Is your wedding gown still hanging in your closet? Have you ever done anything with it? Well, me either. Eight years and it's been sitting there. So, I decided to do something special. I decided to make a baptism gown for Ava out of my dress! The best part....her sister gets one, too!!! I had 2 dresses made from my dress. They are beautiful!! One dress has the front design and the other dress has the back design. I'll try to get better pictures, but I had to share! I was too excited!!

Happy Birthday, Emily!!

Monday was Aunt Emily's 34th birthday! We celebrated with dinner at my mom's and yummy cake, courtesy of Aunt Tammy. Emily loves her birthday!! More.than.anything.

The Apple Festival!

Sunday we braved the wind and headed to Oak Harbor to visit the Apple Festival. We weren't there too long because it was sooo windy and going to rain any minute! But we managed to eat some awesome food and let Ava ride a few rides. My girl has zero fear and rode the scariest ride ever. The ferris wheel! I hate that thing! She was so excited and just kept waving as she went around. 

Such a good time and we literally got to our car, closed the door, and the rain started. Whew...close call!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


We've had a very low key week. It's been so nice!! I don't even think I've taken my camera out. So, I thought I'd share pics from my phone and tell you a couple little things going on.
Ava and Holly at the Genoa Street Fair
Uncle Nate is settling in nicely since the big move to Ohio! Of course, he comes as the weather is turning so that is taking a little getting used to. I can name a few times I've called him and he was shopping for warm clothes. Ha!! He is still job hunting but has an interview set up for Wednesday. Good thoughts/prayers this way, please!! Ava is OBSESSED with him! She can't do anything wihout consulting him first. And she has a hard time understanding why she can't hang with him and his friends all of the time.

 All bundled up for some Comet Football
Speaking of Comet football, we are still undefeated!! Woohoo! We've some good games this year, but we hung on! There are 2 more games and then playoffs. But that little girl up there is done with football. She is bored and freezing and begs to go home. Babysitter for the next 2 games for sure!!

 Surprise lunch with my friend, Rachel from Nashville!
Yesterday, Ava saw a picture of herself from right after we got home. She said "Mom, look at this picture! It's when I was a little kid" Seriously, I think she thinks she's an adult.

 Ava's passport picture
We've officially applied for Ava's passport. We are waiting for the final copy of the homestudy and should be able to start the dossier this week or next. We're getting closer!!!

 Petting a lobster
We went to Red Lobster for dinner on Tuesday to celebrate my Dad's birthday and our 8 year anniversary. Most of you who know me will know this is not my choice of food. I had steak. El Camino, anyone???

 John and his friends from high school
We found a video from when my Aunt Tammy got married in 1987. Ha!! Hilarious!!! Everyone is hysterical! Ava was having a hard trying to concept who everyone was. She wasn't a fan of her mama at 11 years old. Here is the conversation following the video:
Ava: Mom, you not a little kid. You're a mom.
Me: I am a mom! Whose mom am I?
Ava: Ava's and Addy Grace's.
Me: (heart melting)

 Having fun shopping for Halloween costumes
While I thought shopping for costumes was going to be so much fun with her this year, I have to admit is was not. John kept highjacking her and putting on masks and gloves. She wanted to pick every costume in the store. Literally, we went from Strawberry Shortcake to Dorothy to Batgirl to a princess to a butterfly to the final decision. We ran at this one and paid super quick before she changed her mind again....

The final decision.................CINDERELLA!!!

 Questioning our mentality after attending this game. 42 and raining (HARD). We left at half.
Yesterday while playing "throw the ball in the laundry basket" (official name) with Daddy. Ava missed one. And yells "DAMMIT!" Nathan stopped in his tracks, John looked at her, and me? Oh, I buried my head in the blanket cracking up!!! John told her that is a grownup word and she isn't allowed to say it. Then he scolded me for laughing. I can't help it! It's so cute!!!

 Perfect Saturday and wine

 Some of you may know that I can't stand my hair. I hate washing it, I hate doing it, I hate it. Long or short. Hate. It's wavy/curly. Not curly enough to wear curly and not wavy enough to be pretty. So, I have been begging John for a Brazilian Blowout. It's a treatment for your hair that relaxes it, makes it straight with no friz and lasts for about 12 weeks. The problem? It costs about $250. Not a smart move when you are trying to save for China. Well, the other day I was in a meeting and my groupon notification popped up. I checked and it was a Brazilian blowout and a haircut for (are you sitting down?) $99!!! Oh, be still my heart. I go Thursday at 4:30. Super STOKED!!

 Ava Kate earning her reward for filling up her chore chart
Speaking of Thursday, there is something else I have to do after my appointment. It's super cool and I can't share yet. But it's something I had done and I CAN'T WAIT!! And I promise I will share with all of you!!!

 The party bus between Sara's wedding and reception
That's our life in a nutshell. Hope I didn't bore you too bad!!