Monday, June 26, 2017

Island #1 - Grand Turk

Our first island stop was Grand Turk! It was our third time there but it's ok because it's one of our favorites!!

Grand Turk has an amazing beach area right off the ship. It's so nice to swim in blue water. 

Ava, of course, found the stray dog on the beach. She was loving on him and tried to give him water. He wanted to nap. He finally had enough and got up and walked away. Ava was so offended! Ha!

After some beach time we made our way to Margaritaville. It's so ridiculously fun! They play the best music, it's all outside with a huge pool and then the margarita's. 

We had the best day! We headed back the ship for much needed naps after the fun in the sun! 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Vacation - Cruise Ship Pictures!

Because we sailed out of Baltimore, we had two days at sea in the front end and one on the way back. 
But we found tons of stuff to do and enjoyed all of the activities on the ship!

We participated in many events! I won the Friends trivia!

We won family bingo!

We won the family scavenger hunt!

This is one of the workers. Her name is Addy but goes by Addylicious. Which means the second Addy in this picture developed a new nickname. 

Our nightly before dinner drinks. One banana daiquiri and two Temples

Every night this girl ordered the melting chocolate cake with two ice creams. 

Taking out the pony tail and we needed a good hair washing! Yes, that's sand. 

We had a great time on the ship but more fun at the islands! Stay tuned!

Vacation - Day 1

So...we decided to do another vacation. 
Because we have a slight obsession this these. 

Yes, we booked another cruise. We drove to Baltimore, MD and boarded the Carnival Pride cruise ship. Our home for the next 7 days. I had to be talked into this vacation but I'm glad I caved. We had a wonderful time! 

The girls and I had special shirts for embarkation day!

We found our room and decorated our door to help the girls find the room easier!

Then like any other family on the first day of vacation, we headed to the pool and just explored and enjoyed our first night!

Mandi and Kristina's Wedding

One of our good friends growing tied the knot! 
Mandi is the daughter of my parents best friends. 
They had a gorgeous outdoor wedding. 
A couple of family pictures before the wedding!

The weather, the setting, everything was perfect!

I'm so happy for Mandi! 

These three folks celebrated their birthday at the reception!

And this one danced the night away! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Genoa Homecoming

The annual Genoa Homecoming came through a couple of weekends ago. This is when I really love small town life. It's basically a class reunion for Genoa grads. We kicked off the evening at my Grandma's to watch the parade. Well, I did. John, Ava and Addy decided to walk with our church and throw candy! 

The girls were able to make it back to watch the end of the parade and hang with the cousins. 

After the parade we walked up for fair food and rides. Uncle Carl was in town so we were excited to hang with him too! 
Ava and Cora found each other so they were able to ride the rides together. 

Another successful homecoming in the books.