Sunday, April 28, 2013

Goodbye, Chloe

**Warning -- the following post and pictures may completely break your heart.

Things haven't been the best in the Houghtaling house. I had strongly convinced John to get Chloe. He wasn't completely onboard but I pressured him. There I said it. I thought it would be the best for Ava to have a dog. I thought it would help with her sleeping. Well, needless to say, it didn't. It was rough having a PUPPY. There has been quite a bit of tension, numerous fights, and maybe not the best way to care for a puppy. So after ALOT of tears, John and I made the decision to send Chloe back to her breeder. It was a hard decision but I truly feel in my heart it was the right one. The tears have been flowing for Ava and I. Not so much John. Haha. We had some time with her today before we met her. So, please disregard my appearance. I haven't felt like doing much to myself.

The breeder is my bosses sister. So we will get updates, pictures, and can even go visit. That helped with the decision. I know she will be in much better hands!! We'll miss you Chlo Chlo!!!


We spent last Sunday night with The Millner family at Kalahari. Amy and I found a deal on Living Social that was super cheap so we split the room. Good thing we had a cheap room because that place isn't cheap!!! Ava had a blast so that's what matters.

 We had a super fun time but it was exhausting! Two full days with no nap caused for a very cranky four year old. LOL!

First Fire of the Year!!

Last Saturday was Chad's birthday! We went to dinner and then their family came back to our house to hang out. It was super chilly but Daddy busted out the fire pit and the kids all enjoyed Smores.
I was outside long enough to take pictures and then I was back in....

Genoa PTO Carnival

Last Friday night the Genoa PTO hosted a carnival at the elementary school. Aunt Tammy picked up Jordyn and we all went to enjoy games.

Nonny was there with Olivia and Morgan so we got to enjoy time with them too!!
It was a fun time but super crowded. We let the girls play and get their faces painted but then we had to head out. It was crazy! We bribed them with pizza and that seemed to work!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Confessional Friday

It's Friday!!! Woohoo!!

1. Let's just deal with the elephant in the room. I confess that I am SO FAR behind on my blogging this week. I have so much stuff to catch you up on! We have had a super busy week and I have barely sat down in my living room and mostly have come home and gone straight to bed because it's so late. I promise, this weekend.

2. I confess that I firmly believe in the China Red Thread theory. My child's personality is a spitting image of, well, me. Like to the point that I just have to stare at her because she handles things and says things EXACTLY as I would. She actually shushed me yesterday, held up her hand, and said "I'm not finished talking yet". John stared at me for about 30 seconds and said "that is soooo your child". Because my #1 pet peeve, interruptions.

3. I confess that I got a wine opener confiscated this week. At the courthouse. While picking up adoption paperwork. I cannot wait to see my Mom of the Year award when it comes!!

4. The last year or so I've been a total lip gloss girl. Prior to that I was a total lipstick girl. But lately, I have been feeling blah. I'm sure it's the winter blues. So I decided to go back to lipstick and spice up my makeup a little. I have completely and utterly struggled with the right shade. My favorite shade was by Mary Kay and they discontinued it. Imagine I'm been walking up and down aisles staring at shades. And then I saw it. Beaming at me, calling my name. I was pulled right back to 1994 when I rocked this color of lipstick while in high school. I loved it! It so fit me. So, I decided why not? I don't have to wear expensive makeup to look good right? I don't have to worry about the brand as long as I feel I look good right? I confess I am now the proud owner of a 99 cent tube of Wet and Wild cashmere lipstick. And you know what? I LOVE IT!!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Friday' Y'all!!

And keeping up with new tradition, are you ready to hear my deepest darkest secrets??

1. Ava stayed home with John one day this week. I had some time so I met them for lunch at Wendy's. As we were wrapping up our meal, Ava announced to everyone in a 5 block radius that she had to poop. I confess that I faked an urgent meeting back at work so that John had to take her potty. What? Like you haven't done it....

2. I love The Kardashians. I know most people think they are trash. The are my celebrity BFF's (they just don't know it). And this isn't my confession....While shopping at a local store this week we were in the checkout line and my child points to a magazine and says "Mom, there's Kourtney and Mason". Um, whoops. Maybe I should watch it less when she's around.

3. Am I only parent who gives up with her childs hair in the morning? She fights me, I fight her. She cries, I sweat. I've taken to let her do her own hair for school. And I'm sure her teachers must think we threw away all of our combs and brushes in our house. It is nothing short of a rat's nest in the morning. But she's happy, I'm happy and it's making our mornings much easier.

4. After last night, my heart aches for elderly people experiencing arthritis throughout their bodies. I must have a bit in my toe and the pain I was feeling last night was excruciating!! I mean Wow!! I felt like such a baby.

That my friends is what I have for now! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! We have lots of fun stuff planned so don't be surprised if you don't see an update until Tuesday or Wednesday!! I'm hoping the rain lets up some time soon. It's been raining for like 7 weeks in NW Ohio. Ok, that may be a slight lie. But it feels like it!!

Be blessed, lovies!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Park with Nana

Sunday we had a SUPER lazy day. I don't think Ava was too happy with that so she was begging to get out of the house around 5:00. At about 5:01, the perfect call came in...

Nana: Ava, would you like to spend the night?
Ava (while throwing on shoes and coat): YES!!!!

Little girl opted out of ice cream with her mama and daddy and went straight to Nana's where they took the dogs to the park and played for a little bit. Here are the pictures I received throughout the evening...

I think she had a pretty good time!! And now a Ava story, no less...

Setting the scene:
I'm driving, Ava's buckeled in the back. On our way to work and school, respectively.

Ava: Mom, do you know my name?
Me: Yes, I named you.
Ava: When I was in your belly?
Me: No, when you were in your birthmom's belly. Remember Daddy and I came to China?
Ava: Yes, you adopted me! And then we adopted Chloe and we are going to adopt Addy Grace.
Me: That's right!
Ava: After Addy Grace, can we please be done with adoption????
Bahahahahahahaha!! This kid! Too much!

Ok, more:
We are all getting ready for bed. Ava and I are in our jammies.
Ava: Daddy, are you going to put your jammies on?
Daddy: No, I don't really wear jammies.
Ava: Oh, just your handsome panties??

That me think of another...TMI for me but so funny!
This morning I'm getting dressed. My "panties" are red with a gold band.
Ava: Wow, are those the panties you wear when you go dancing??
LOL! What?? I have no idea where that came from!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fun Weekend with FCC friends!

We had an awesome impromptu FCC friend weekend! We kicked off Friday night at the TMA for dinner and fun. This is the first time Daddy was able to join us and he LOVED it! I see more Fridays spent there. We decided to text our FCC friends as a last minute invite and Ella's family already had it on their agenda! Yea!! I would have given anything to have a video of Ava and Ella from across the restaurant running to each other and screaming each others names! Super sweetness.

Saturday morning we went to a Spring Carnival at Wildwood Park. We joined our FCC friends for that! They had tons of kids games, face painting, and snacks! And the coolest? We won ballet lessons for our girl! Now to get those monkey feet in action!!

The parents were laughing as we tried for the bazillionth time to get a group picture. One of these days it will work!!
This was my best shot!!! Haha!!

After the carnival we all went to lunch and had a great time. The kids were able to play and adults enjoyed fabulous conversation, as always. We had some errands to run afterwards with the possibility of a movie later. After all of the fun and running, we were too tired for a movie. So we ran to Walmart to get a few things and ended up buying Alvin and The Chipmunks. So cute! And then...we watched ET!! It was a late night, Ava slept until 9:15 this morning!! WOOHOO!!

Today was a super lazy day....I didn't get dressed until like 6:15 and that was just to go to my moms. Haha....peaceful....

Looking forward to next weekend already! Isn't that sad?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Confessional Friday

Another blog I read does a confessional Friday and I LOVE it!! I look forward to it! So I've decided to join in. My confessions this week???

1. I don't drink caffeine. It gives me horrible pains in my chest! Many of tests and ultrasounds have confirmed the ole' ticker is fine. Unsure of why caffeine gives me the pains. But I confess that sweet tea is just about worth the pains. I cannot get enough of it lately. And what a refreshing summer drink! So if you see me enjoying a cool glass of sweet tea while grasping my chest, no worries. I got it covered.

2. I confess that I have done about 35 interviews the last two weeks and I have my last one today at 1pm. I may possibly hug this girl when she comes in. I love to interview but whew....these last few weeks.

3. I confess I am so sick of my I want to go spend thousands on a whole new wardrobe!!

4. I love my dog. She is so adorable! But I confess I wish we would have gotten a DOG. Underlying meaning - not a PUPPY!! Biting, biting, and biting. Ugh.

That's about all I got for now! Hope you have a fantabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dinner with Friends

Last night after gymnastics, three of us Mama's took three little girls out for Mexican. So cute!!

Riley, Jada, and Ava

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh, Chloe...

Tonight we came home and the weather was horrendous!! 120 mph wind and raining sideways. That may be a slight exaggeration....anywhoodle...

I wanted to give Chloe the benefit of the doubt (meaning I didn't want to go out and get her food dishes). I put her food and water in tupperware dishes. I went to put on my PJ's and came back to this..

She tipped both bowls and food was everywhere and her paws were soaked from walking in the water. So out to the wind tunnel I went and got her CERAMIC bowls. Puppies....

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Spring!!!

Dare I say it? Today was so beautiful and I'm afraid if I admit it, the weather won't stay! We had a wonderful relaxing weekend.

Friday I took the afternoon off from work to do some running for our dossier. While we sent everything to Secretary of State already, there were a couple of documents where they wouldn't accept the notary. Apparently, not official enough. So this resulted in a Friday afternoon trip to not one, but two courthouses. I love our home but I wish we lived in Lucas County. Running to Port Clinton sucks. :) After traipsing all over NW Ohio, Ava and I came home and took a walk with Chloe. Ava rode her bike and found what can only be described as a treasure in her eyes. She found a wrench. Yes, a wrench. And she spent the next hour doing this....
Fixing her bike. And there have been multiple times this weekend where she has spent time in the garage. After she finished work on her "motorcycle", we headed downtown for dinner on the river. We went to the new restaurant Forresters. It was pretty good even though I was sitting in a bad spot. The setting sun was beautiful, but the glare from the river was horrendous. Even Ava wore her sunglasses. Did you see the pic on Instagram?? :) After dinner, we took a little stroll by the river. It was a little chilly so we kept it quick.

Saturday morning we got up early, picked up Nana and headed out shopping. It was a quick and bittersweet trip for me. Ava needed a spring coat. I bought her one. In the girls section. Not the Infant/Toddler section. The girls. My girl. How is she getting this big???? Later in the afternoon we had Mya's 2nd birthday party. I am so bummed I didn't get better pictures! Here is the sweet girl blowing our her candles.
Ava enjoyed herself tremendously!! Cupcakes, tons of toys, and a Yo Gabba Gabba take home??

Saturday night Ava stayed at Nana's. Mommy and Daddy had date night. When John asked me what I wanted to do, it was a short list. Dinner, hot tub, and reading. I think he was somewhat happy because the Michigan game was on! I was in bed by 10 and slept until 9. There may have been some Melatonin involved. I only indulge when Ava isn't home.

Today was boring. We spent some time at Nana's, Ava took a rockstar nap after her sleepover, played with the neighbor kids, dinner, a walk with Daddy and Chloe, and Mel O Creme. Yep, the best way to end a weekend!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

We had a wonderful weekend! It was jammed full but everything was sooo FUN!! We kicked it off on Friday night coloring eggs. Naturally we stripped down for this.

Saturday morning we went Main Street Church for their annual Easter Egg hunt. It was great! So organized, tons of awesome prizes, crafts, and the Easter Bunny!!

After the hunt we had to stop by the grocery to get a few things. While I pushed Ava along in the cart, grabbing stuff off the shelves, my girl was belting out at the top of her lungs "Holly Jolly Christmas". I think she has her holidays mixed up. It was so sweet though!!

Saturday night we went to Grandpa and Tina's for dinner. And to watch the OSU basketball game. Our family was representing!!
On the way home, we kept our eye out for the Easter Bunny. We didn't see him which made Ava very happy because she was afraid he wouldn't stop at our house. We got home and got out the basket, carrots (with ranch), and a glass of water in case he was thirsty.
While it didn't last more than 2 hours, Ava decided she wanted to sleep in her own bed. Her choice!!! She was thinking if the bunny didn't see her in her bed, he wouldn't leave anything. Like I said, it lasted 2 hours but that's a start!!

Ava was up bright and early at 6am. Tapping me on the arm "mom, GET UP!!!" LOL! She was so excited! I loved it! The Easter Bunny left Ava and Chloe a basket!!

After we got cleaned up and dressed in our Easter best. We headed to church. Conveniently Ava's shoes "hurt" her feet so she needed to wear her new Peppa boots with her dress. Poor girl. :)
Ava did great at church because she took about 100 things to play with. But she also said my new favorite Ava story. After the offering was over, she looked and me and said "is it time for bread and drinks?" Bahahahaha!!
The rest of the day was spent with our families. We hosted this year with dinner, drinks, and an Easter egg hunt for the girls. Daddy and I even got an Easter present from Nana! We posed for a picture than picked our respective hiding spots so we didn't have to share!!

I hope you Easter was as wonderful as ours!