Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Little Kitty Cat

Sunday afternoon we went out to Tam-o-shanter for the Toledo Baby Expo. Some of favorite people were there with stands! We got some new bows and some yummy cakepops!! But the highlight?? Ava got her face painted!! 

She was so excited and asked to look in a mirror all afternoon. We went to dinner afterwards and she got so many compliments!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Ahhh...Hot Tub!!

 Our new hot tub was delivered on Friday. We love it!!! We all spent a better part of the weekend in it. John enjoyed his morning coffee...
While someone else was super jealous...
 So we turned down the temp so she could get in!! She loved it!! It's like her own personal pool. She was in there for 2 hours tonight!
 Nana and Aunt Emily even came over to end the weekend on a relaxation note!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Swingset!!

We broke down and bought Ava a new swing set. The side of the box said it would take 2 men, 12 hours to put together. I think they need to re-estimate their time. Although, I can't complain too much. John and the other guys did most of the work! Haha!! It took John all day Friday to get this done...
And here is the waiting pile...
But then people started showing up. Here and there, throughout the day! And then progress...
There were other ways of entertainment while we were waiting for the final product...
Gina rockin' it out!! So proud!!
Major progress!! Almost done!!
Ava was a part of all the major decision making...
And then...she was able to climb!!!
And go down the slide!!!
And even had some friends over to help celebrate with her!!
A major thank you to all friends and family who came out on Saturday!! You have no idea how much John and I appreciate you!!
John, Sara, and Ava!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crazy, Dress Up Girl!!

Chuck E Cheese and Ice Cream!!

We're here! And we're ok!! Just been spring cleaning and getting ready for a garage sale. And then we didn't have internet for 3 days! Unfortunately, I don't have alot to share.:(

But we did take Ava to Chuck E Cheese on Friday night. Not quite sure what we were was CRAZY INSANE!! But all that matters is that Ava loved it! Especially this horse!!
Dancing her heart out!And finished up with some yummy ice cream at Cold Stone!
Also, we have made a couple of big purchases this week. One for Ava and one for Mommy and Daddy! Stay tuned! I can't wait to share!! Oh, and a big shout out to H. for the assistance with the Mommy/Daddy purchase!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ahhh, Easter!!

What an awesome Easter weekend!! We had so much fun!!!!

We started the celebration on Thursday when we took Ava out to the mall to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap. I was really hesitate about doing so because she hasn't been too excited about him coming. Well, she proved us WRONG!!
She kept asking me if I was proud....She has no idea how proud I am of her. Not just because of this but because of EVERYTHING about her....Anyhow...

Saturday afternoon we headed up town to the park. They have an annual Easter egg hunt for kids from ages 1 - 3rd grade. I used to go to this hunt when I was little. Well, guess who found the golden egg??? Yep, Ava Kate!
She won this basket full of Easter goodies!! Notice, she is on John's shoulders? This is where she spend a majority of the event. She was scared of THAT Easter Bunny!!
After the egg hunt, we went over to Cory and Heather's for Mya's first birthday!! I didn't get a picture of the birthday girl, but I got this super cute picture of Ava and Jada.
Saturday night was spent getting ready for the Easter Bunny! We planted jelly beans...
Putting the basket out ready to be filled with goodies!
Basket ready to be filled, eggs ready to be hidden, and carrots ready to be eaten!!
And then the Easter Bunny visited!! Yes, I fully acknowledge we went overboard. We were going to give her the patio set for her birthday but that isn't until July and we wanted her to get full use out of if this summer!!!
Loving her new umbrella!!!

He bought me all this???
Finding all of her eggs!!
And there were suckers where we planted jelly beans???
After the morning festivities slowed, we got dressed in our Easter clothes and headed to church!!
Goofing with the camera before the family came over for Easter dinner!
Ava took this one!!!
We had a fabulous Easter dinner complete with my "carrot" plastic ware....
Grandma sat at the table with all the kids!! Haha!!
Daddy got stuck at the new patio table! Haha!!
After dinner we did another Easter egg hunt in our yard!! Those girls were soooo cute!!
Checking out their loot afterwards....
The girls of the family!!!
Ava and Jordyn playing around!!!
Aunt Emily loved her Easter present from Ava...
Playing with Morgan...
Ava, Nana, and her aunts Tammy and Kay!
Playing with Aunt Kay's Kindle Fire...
And then it was just too much....overload...too tired....and she just passed out in the middle of everything....
So completely precious....
Hope your holiday was as great as ours!!! Happy Easter!!
John, Sara, and Ava