Saturday, February 24, 2018

President's Day

The girls didn't have school on Monday or Tuesday for Presidents Day and a Teacher Inservice Day. 
John was also off, so I took vacation days and we took a little getaway to Castaway Bay in Sandusky. 

Snoopy was there!!

I love this picture of Addy. She was playing in the wave pool. She loved playing in it until the waves started. Then she would run and run and run when they started. So funny!!

Chinese New Year -- FCC Style

The name of the game was red cups. 
We had a wonderful celebration with our adoption family. 
The girls had a blast playing with cups and built a pyramid with the friends that lasted all day.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chinese New Year -- School Style

 Friday started a five day weekend for me! 
First up was lunch with my girlies! 
I called Nana last minute and invited her along. 
We took Subway to the girls and had so much fun. 
My favorites conversation took place with Ashton from Addy's class. 
Ashton: I like China. I don't like Chinese food. But I like Kung Fu. 

I took Nana back to work and headed to Addy Grace's class. 
I got to spend the next hour talking to them about the New Year, about China, and making dragon masks with them!

Next up was Ava Kate's class. 
Ava was able to show off her chopstick skills to her friends. 

I enjoy this time so much with my kids. 
Ten years ago, China was a country to me. 
Now, it's brought me the most amazing joys of my life and I absolutely love learning and sharing their culture. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day fell 2 days before Chinese New Year which called for a VERY busy week! 
The girls chose their Valentine Box themes and we had a fun craft night. 
Addy chose Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony and Ava chose the sunglass emoji.

Both girls had class parties and I stole these pictures from their teachers. 
They had a wonderful day celebrating!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bowling for Apraxia

Our friend Sawyer and his family were hosting a bowling fundraiser for the NWO Apraxia chapter. 
We went with our bowling shoes to support them!
Evan, Ella, Reagan, and Sam all joined too!

Sawyer's mom? Also Addy's teacher, Mrs. Mullen. Addy kept calling her "My Mrs Mullen" all night. 

Addy's Cheer Banquet

Addy Grace wrapped up the cheer season. 
She had a great season and loves it even more than I ever thought. 
We attended the end of the year banquet and said goodbye to our coaches for the season!

That doesn't mean she stopped. She still is running around the house doing her cheers!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Snow Day!!

The girls had two snow days this week! 
So Daddy took advantage and they went sledding!

This is one task I'm ok with John handling. 
They finished the day with a dip in the hot tub. 

Disney On Ice

I was able to snag four tickets to Disney On Ice in the Owens Corning suite. 
Daddy had to work so we invited Addy's BFF from school, Maisie. 
Both of the girls were so excited!

Addy in this Olaf hat was the funniest thing. I kept laughing! 

Addy was in her glory!!

Ava joined us and she surprised the socks off me! We were walking out and she said "Mom, that was so good!" little tomboy. 

Fun night with my loves! But we had to hurry home for the Justin Timberlake concert...I mean, The Superbowl. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

My Sweet Loves

Life is super crazy busy. Nothing blog worthy but the girls are so involved. Both are playing basketball, Ava was playing indoor soccer, Addy has cheer, Ava has guitar, and Addy is taking additional speech. This is what our weeks consist of. of this past Saturday, cheer and indoor soccer wrapped up. Whew. 

But we took time out of our schedules because both our girls had amazing weeks at school.
Ava passed the big 3rd grade test and made the high honor roll!! Even with all of the crazy! 
Addy received a positive dojo point every day this week. 
We were so proud of them so we spent Friday evening after dinner enjoying ice cream in celebration!!