Sunday, December 31, 2017


Addy isn't allowed to have caffeine. But she loves Bubble Tea. Well, the bubbles. 
When you are friends with the coffee shop owner, your daughter gets the hookup. 

Winter soccer has started! Check out the Ava's knee post. 

Gingerbread Houses!

Ava was invited to a friends house. Addy melted down. I got Addy a friend. 
Hands down the best decision of 2017. 

3 sets of soccer parents went to dinner. 
These were all of the kids! 

Ava was invited to a birthday party and had a wonderful time!

Caramel Apple bar for dessert!

Ava's Knee

Ava's soccer team has signed up to play soccer over the winter. 
Well, our little soccer player was tripped multiple times in a game. 
She complained about her knee but it seemed better. 
Well, the next game did the damage. 
Diagnosis: Sprained knee 

I'm going to follow up with the pediatrician because she has has problems with the same knee before. 
Hopefully, there isn't any other damage done. 
So for now, she is supposed to rest it, ice it, and use crutches. 
Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas 2017!

Our Christmas holidays had many ups and downs, but definitely more ups. 
Ashley and Brody were in town visiting. 
The day before Christmas Eve, John was diagnosed with Strep and The Flu. 
So he was down for the count. 
The day before was a big day of rest for everyone. 

Christmas Eve, John was feeling tons better so we were able to celebrate. 
We had made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant but took a few pictures first. 

The girls were super excited to drink out of fancy glasses!

During the day and while we were at dinner, NW Ohio was getting dumped with tons of snow. 
It was a very slippery ride from dinner to church. 
But this girl played a guitar solo with her instructor. 
They played Silent Night. 
She did so well! 

After church I had offered to meet Ashley's mom and her husband half way so they didn't have to come all the of way to Genoa. Well, that good deed bit us. On the way to Perrysburg, we passed a plow that pushed something and I ran over it. Within minutes, my tire was completely flat. 
Fast forward 3 hours sitting in a car waiting for roadside assistance. Finally, a few fella's (who I like to call my wiseman) were able to help John. 
Therefore our Christmas Eve festivities took place at 11:30 with exhausted little girls

The girls had us up at 5:45 and within 20 minutes we were back in bed. Hahahaha!!
We hosted a Christmas Open House. 
It was a nice day with some of our family. 

Saran Wrap balls for Christmas!!

Ava was invited home to spend the night with the big cousins!
So this girl and I played a mean game of Soggy Doggy. 
After the first shake, we implemented accessories. 

We had a wonderful holiday!! Hope yours was too!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Lights Before Christmas

We started our annual trip to the zoo earlier in the day this year. 
For two reasons. 
1. That place gets ridiculously crowded and you can barely get in. 
2. The Snorkel Santa dives at 4:15.

What a great idea! We picked up Ashley and Brody on the way. 

We let the girls partake in the Winter festivities. An ice slice and bumper cars!

Afterwards we walked around and enjoyed the lights. It's always so beautiful!! 

Brody enjoyed it but Daddy didn't. This was before he was diagnosed and he was so so sick. He last half way through and headed back to the car. 
Other than that, we loved it!