Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

Aww. I love Easter. We had a fantastic day! 
Ava was so excited getting everything ready for the Bunny. I love that she left him ice water.:) 

The Bunny came to visit the sweet girls. Along with a little something from Mommy and Daddy. 

And then the girls had us up at 5:45. And they never went back to bed all day! 

They had to use every single item they got in their baskets, including the goggles and the wubbles. Yes, that's Ava's face. ha!

The family came over for dinner and our big Easter egg hunt!

We finished the day with a game of bean boozeled! And by we, I mean everyone else. There was no way I was participating. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We sure did! 

Easter Eggs!

After our Easter Egg hunt, we decided to keep the egg thing going and went home to color eggs! The girls loved it and I realized they are getting older because we didn't have any colored hands this year. :) 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt!

We took the girls to the Easter Egg Hunt at Mainstreet Church this year. What a fabulous, organized event. This will become our Easter tradition for year. They were broken up by age groups and once the horn blasted, the girls took off like crazy!!

After the hunt, I was cry laughing. When Addy took off she just ran and didn't pick up any eggs. We called to her to pick up the eggs and when she came back, we realized what she was doing. Picking up only the pink eggs. The colored eggs in there were from a lady who gave them to her. Ha! I was cracking up! 

Ava, on the other hand, knew what she was doing!

They received fabulous prizes!

And got to hug the Easter Bunny!

And their official picture from the church. 

Such a fun time!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ninja Course

A friend of mine from work told us about a local gym that hosted a ninja course for kids. So, naturally I went and signed Ava up. Because, it's Ava. She was so excited. 
And she did awesome!! 

But then there was this. Our little dark horse, Addy Grace. Who took the course on like a BOSS. I think she was is so little, it was just so easy for her. Ha!

We will definitely be going back. For BOTH girls. 

Hoppy Easter!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Addy Grace

This past Thursday we had a big ENT appointment for Addy. 
From the time we brought Addy home from China, I have said I didn't think she could hear clearly. I knew she could hear some, but not completely. I've been "gently coaxing" the ENT to check further. So, he ordered a hearing test. She had one in the past but they didn't think it was an accurate result because she was so little. So, we had the test. She did so good and was so adorable!

She got a special sticker for being a good girl. 
Diagnosis: She can hear fine. However, the pressure of the sound waves against her ear drums is way out of whack. For a normal test, the average is 20-25. Addy is 190 in one ear and 195 in the other. Basically she is hearing like she is under water. I think this is a case of mothers intuition at it's finest! Ha! 

Next steps. 
Monday we are heading to surgery. She is getting her tonsils and adenoids out, as well as tubes in her ears. Her tonsils are massive. They actually touch. So, we pray this surgery will help our girl. I haven't heard of a negative comment about this surgery! Everyone keeps telling me what a big difference it will make. We are excited for our Addycakes. So, if you could say a little prayer for our girl, we'd appreciate it. 

And because she did such an amazing job with all the poking and prodding, we had ice cream for lunch. She deserved it! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

St. Patrick's Day!

Remember that one time when my kids were sick and got better? But then got sick again? And I didn't blog for a week? Yep, that happened. 

Moving on....
This is was healthy looks like. Well, 99% healthy. Friday was the first day we had all been back to work and school! We are so happy to be back to normal.

In between all of this, we had a very low key St. Patrick's Day! We had our traditional green pancakes and milk for breakfast. Addy had no desire to participate in pictures, as she still wasn't feeling the best. 

We sported our green clothing and Ava had fun at school. Addy didn't get to participate since she stayed home. 
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Whew...I'm glad that's almost over!

And I think we are on the mend. 
Both the girls had strep and Ava even got hit with round 2 with a viral infection on top of it. 
And I seem to have caught a little bug myself. 
But we are all fever free! 
Stay tuned for more fun stuff in the Houghtaling world!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Junie B. Jones

I had a big surprise for Ava on Saturday! So, I was major nervous when she got sick that we wouldn't be able to go. But she recovered just in time! 
It was a Mommy/Ava Date! A long overdue one at that. 

We met Mama Heather, Ella, Mama Katie, and Roz for lunch at Chick Fil A and they we headed down to the Valentine theatre to see Junie B Jones!

The girls were excellent and got along so well! I was so proud of them! 
They had fun taking selfies in the car! 

So, the mama's had to be as cool as them. 

We had a wonderful afternoon. Thanks, friends for making it even more special!

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Dr. Seuss had a birthday and it's a big deal when you are 7!

Green Day at school!

Reading me a classic while waiting for the bus

Preparing the Wocket in Your Pocket project!
We had so much fun! 

And her class LOVED it! We made a sock puppet named Pete.

Mel O Creme OPENED!

Long story, but Addy needed to spit in a test tube. But has no idea how to spit. 
So the whole family took part in trying to teach her. 

It didn't work. But we had tons of laughs!

We are battling sickness in the Houghtaling house. Ava came home Wednesday with strep and Addy is battling it now. Ava has turned the corner, but Addy is miserable. Say prayers for my loves!