Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mother's Day!

Mother's day was awesome!
I started the day with Addy saying "You get a party and presents? What about us?"
She came around once she saw the food! 
I received amazing hand made gifts from school and super cool purchased gifts. 

My picture frame! 
I love this so much! I read this book to both my girls. 

Our original plan was changed a little. My plan was to host a brunch. 
But then I was asked to speak at church at the morning service and evening service. 
They asked me to share my story of my journey to motherhood. 
It was a very emotional speech but I thought it went really well! 
The church had photos set up for Mother's Day. Unfortunately we all arrived at church at different times so my mom took photos individually with us. 

After church we celebrated with yummy food and mimosas! 
I got a little siesta in and then headed to evening service. 
It was a great day!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mom and Dad

Adoption is big. 
You pray that you connect with your child. 
You hope they love you and trust you, unconditionally. 
You wonder all of the time if you are doing the right thing. 
Then they bring home their school work. 
And it makes you cry. 

Addy was given a story and she had to finish it. 
She ended it with "She wished for a mom and dad"
If you need me, I'm sobbing in the corner. 

Grand Rapids

I took a vacation day and John and I headed north to Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
We went with his friends from high school and their wives. 
We went for a brewery tour. 
It was self guided and I was the DD. I drank water and coffee all day. 
We had a great time and I was given 5 stars as their Uber driver. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

My Little Girls

Little did I know when we adopted that I would receive two bonus daughters. 
Roz and Ella are mine. Just don't tell their moms. 
I received this amazing Mother's Day card in the mail with this picture. 
It made me cry. Because this is my life and I couldn't be happier. 

Photo and shirt credit to Mama Katie. Thank you for always be so thoughtful. 

Sauder's Village

I was so fortunate to take a vacation and chaperone Ava's field trip to Sauder's Village. 
I was given this adorable little group to walk around with. 
Abella, Ava, and Sydney. 
Sydney (in the blue jacket) was so funny! 
I tend to be a little social and talk to everyone. 
She finally looked at me and said "Mrs. Houghtaling, is you don't stop talking to everyone, we are never going to get through this thing." 
It made my entire day!! So funny! 
Sauder's was so fun but we just simply didn't have enough time so we will be taking a trip back there this summer with the rest of the family and hopefully the other girls. 

We eventually caught up with Makenna and her dad and walked with them the rest of the time. 

Love this time with my girl!

We finished the day with bubble tea from Ignite before Addy got home from school. 
It was a great day!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

New Furniture!

We upgraded our furniture in our living room and a picture has been requested from Uncle Carl! 
Here you go!

Monday, May 6, 2019

May The Fourth Be With you!!

We kicked off the weekend at the first Farmers Market of the season! Everyone got a few goodies and Addy was excited for the honey stand!!

Afterwards we headed to The Dougherty's to attend a race event at Roz's school. Since it was on May 4th, it was a Star Wars theme! 

Everyone did wonderful and Ava hustled and came in 8th place. 

We went for lunch and then Roz and Ella came home with us for a sleepover! 
We met up with the Alexander's at Wine Flight later that evening where everyone enjoyed Root Beer out of the bottle and smores. 

It was back to our house for night jumping on the trampoline and a Harry Potter movie. We woke up to breakfast from John and hung out most of the day! Ella had to go home early but we took Roz to Ava's soccer game and then Katie and Patrick picked her up. She wasn't too happy, well no one was really. Another great weekend in the books! 
 In case you were wondering what Spring soccer looks like...

Monday, April 29, 2019


Dinner with our friends

Rainy snuggles in bed

I love this! Our house had been cleaned so Addy didn't want to sleep on her bed. 
She slept on the floor!

Play tine with Kate and Keira

My favorite...Wine Flight

Much needed girls night

She put ketchup on her noodles!

Happy Birthday, Molly!

New furniture equals empty living room. 

Send help.