Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cedar Point!!

The day after party day we headed out early to spend the day at Cedar Point. I cannot tell a lie. I was dreading it. I was whipped, it was super hot, but I sucked it up. And we had the absolute best time! Seriously!!! We had discounted tickets that came with wristbands for unlimited drinks all day. What a lifesaver! We could walk up to any stand or drinks stations throughout out the park and fill our cups. I think other than tickets, we spent about $40 in food all day. I was pretty proud of that!

First up was the kiddie rides. AG was in heaven!

After that we headed to the splash pad for the girls to cool down. So fun!

And then this happened. My Ava. My fearless little Ava. We can now call her a coaster rider. She conquered the Iron Dragon. Among a few other things that gave Mama a heart attack.

Addy's favorite was the choo choo. "mama, mama,mama -- choo choo!" All day.

This ride about did Ava in. And her mom. 

Yes, she's on that. 

See that splash? That's Ava and her Daddy

It was such hard work they needed a turkey bone afterwards.

And I was a little toasty myself. So, I took in a water ride with Ava. And didn't think I would get as wet as I did. But it was fun!!!

After we dried off a bit, we headed to see the animals. I didn't even know they had animals. It's amazing what you find out about Cedar Point when you aren't wasting tons of time in line. 

My girls hung. This picture was at 9pm and moments later, the meltdowns started. It was a long 11 hours for these girls but it was time. 

Ava begged for food the whole way out of the park. I told her we stop on the way home. But we didn't. Because these girls were zonked before we even left the parking lot. 
Such a great time!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ava Kate Turns 7!!

My girl is 7. It's true. Blink and it flies right by! She is smart, spunky, and on the verge of loosing her first tooth. She still loves all things boy and prefers gym shorts over a dress every minute of every day. She is nervous to start first grade but I know she will love it! She loves her family and still loves to snuggle at the end of the day. The other night she was snuggling so close and I told her I hope she always loves me as much as she did in that moment. And I meant it. This girl loves her family beyond measure and isn't afraid to show it. Isn't that the best thing?

We celebrated the Saturday before a dual party Saturday. Family came over at noon and friends came over at 5. It was a long, crazy busy day but incredibly FUN! She chose a Paw Patrol theme and I did my best to accommodate.

Oh, Ava Kate. You are gorgeous and I love you more and more each moment! I hope you enjoyed your parties!