Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Processing

Not too much to report, but on May 12th we were told our status went from To Be Processed to In Processing. This means that China has actually starting working on our paperwork. Though this isn't a big deal, it just means that we are one step closer to Ava!!

We also went to meet with the Agency last night to assist with the immigration paperwork. Man, those are hard questions. Anyway, they told us that realistically we will be traveling in August. Though this is just a few months away, it means we will miss Ava's birthday. :( So, stay tuned for the birthday care package we send to her!! I really wish we could be with her on her birthday, but circumstances aren't lining up for us. That's ok! because I can guarantee here will be one heck of a celebration when we get back!!!

Stay tuned...