Sunday, April 29, 2018

Family Visit to Medina!!

The Houghtaling family gathered last Friday night for Mexican food! 
There were like 29 of us!! So crazy! 
The girls loved seeing their cousins and John and I were super giddy to snuggle the new babies, Lennox and Bennett!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Addy Grace Turns 7!!!

Why do our kids have to age? Can't we keep them little?
I blinked and Addy turned 7. 
She was so excited about her birthday for months and months that I finally made her a chain to tear off each day. What a life saver! She asked daily! Ha!

We made birthday treats to take to school! 
We make rice krispies with Froot Loops instead of rice krispies. 
They were so yummy!

Birthday morning she was up bright and early! 
Ready for the day! 

She invited a few friends from school and we had our family join us!
We had a pinata and played "Pin the cutie mark on Pinkie Pie" Even Nana joined in!

We had yummy food and even better cake and ice cream!

I think by the end of the day, she literally played with every gift she got. Our house was a mess!

What a wonderful celebration for my little Addycakes!

Monday, April 23, 2018


Easter was very low key this year. For the first time in years, we did not host. 
John had to work, Nate was supposed to be traveling. 
My mom and I decided that we would just go out to eat. 

We started by coloring eggs!

We used shaving cream this year. They turned out ok but it was super messy. 

We woke up Easter morning to see the bunny did stop at our house. 

Easter morning we went to church and to McDonalds for lunch. We then went over to the Feather's because Lisa coordinated a scavenger egg hunt for the kids. 
The girls had a blast!

What started out as a party of five for dinner turned into a party of 11. 
We changed our reservations and Nate and John were both able to join! 
Hoppy Easter!

The Day of all the Easter Egg Hunts

When you live in a small town and all of the neighboring towns have Easter Egg Hunts, you go. 
The first up was at our cousins church. We were greeted by the Bunny and then got to hang with Olivia and Morgan. 

Now, let me tell you this was a true labor of love. It was FREEZING!!!

Later in the day was Genoa's hunt. Again, greeted by the bunny! 
This was a little small but Addy won big! 
She found the golden egg!!

She won her own basket of candy! She was pretty stoked!

Last day of Spring Break

The girls spent their last day of Spring Break with their BFF's bowling. Daddy snagged a Groupon at a local bowling alley and they had a blast!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Road Trip - Day 3

We woke up so excited for Chocolate World!! 
We planned to do all the things they offered. 
We walked up to the counter and planned our day! 

First up was the 4D movie. 
It was so cool! 

I have to say that after every activity, you are handed a piece of candy. I brought so much candy home! 
Next up was the chocolate tasting. This was fun but not as fun as the one from the previous day. Ha! 

We had a little time before our next event so we took advantage of the free ride they had. We ended up riding this twice because we could!! 

After the ride we headed to the trolley ride around town. I have no pictures. Ha! 
But it was an hour and a half tour showing us where the Hershey family lived and worked. 
Plus they handed our candy throughout the tour. 
Next up, creating our own candy bars!! 

So yummy and fun! 
We finished our day at the gift shop and bakery, where I found the perfect cupcake. 

The last stop before we left was a visit with the Easter Bunny. We basically had to force the big girls to sit with him but Addy was thrilled! She cracks me up in this picture!!

Chocolate World was so fun but we decided to head over to the outlets and do a little shopping. 
Addy Grace was so excited about her nails.

We spent our last night with the road trip with more swimming and more arcade cards. 

We had the best time on our little get away. The girls got along so well and had the best time! 
We are already talking about our next adventure!!!