Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Year of the Rooster!

Ok, Uncle Carl -- here is your Chinese New Year post. 

Our celebration came later this year because we were on vacation for the actual holiday. 
First up, we celebrated with our FCC Family. 
Thank you to these wonderful people for making the event a success!

Aunt Tammy went on a baking spree and we had a very successful bake sale. Thank you to all of the families who purchased a yummy treat! We had a wonderful time! The games, the company, and the food was fantastic!!!

All of our wonderful FCC kids!

Mama Heather took fabulous pictures again this year!

It was a wonderful day! But we weren't done just yet...
Next up, Addy Grace's 5 year old class. 
I made quite a few new best friends. The next morning when I went in, I was asked multiple times for more chopsticks. Ha!
We read a story, talked about China, the clothing, the New Year, and enjoyed a yummy treat!

I finished the day at Ava Kate's 2nd grade class. I told the teacher I would need about an hour and I was there for 2.5 hours and pushed it to the last bell. There were lots of questions, the best one "Is there ranch dressing in China?" ha! 
We ate popcorn with chopsticks, played bingo, did a word search and talked for a long (long) time about China. We left and Ava said "Wow, Mom, that was really good!" Mission accomplished. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cheer For A Cure

Addy Grace had her last competition of the season. As always, she did wonderful. I love how much she loves cheerleading. I'm glad she found her thing. 
(I stole every picture from her coach. Except for the first one.)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Second Grade Musical!

The day after we returned from vacation, Ava Kate's 2nd grade class put on a musical for their families called Lemonade! 

They were so sweet and did a wonderful job!

Mya and Stella had a special part in the musical so we caught up to get a picture with the little piggies!

Great job, second grade!! 
We loved every minute!!

The Rest of the Cruise

It was a wonderful vacation. We are all missing the ship. We keep looking at pictures, drinking coffee out of our Carnival Sunshine mug, and Addy keeps referring to the "big boat". 

Here are the rest of our pictures. Enjoy!