Monday, November 12, 2018

Comet Football!

Our Comets are still in it!! 
We have won the first two games of playoffs and have two more to go before making it to State. 
The first game was luckily at Genoa so we were able to go! 
It was a little chilly but we still had a blast!!

Stay tuned for the Comet outcome!

Soccer Bowling Party!

The girls were so excited for the end of the year soccer party! 
Since I'm on the board, I was on duty so I tapped into our soccer family and had the girls hang with them! 
Addy ran straight to Sam and Ava hung with her posse. 
Both girls had a great time! 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Halloween 2018

The Halloween parade at school was moved inside for rain. 
Our JoJo Siwa and skeleton had a great time! 
Addy was super excited to see us, Ava not so much. 

Luckily the rain stopped for Trick or Treat and the weather wasn't terrible! 
It was one of the best weathers in NW Ohio for Halloween! 
We gathered with the cousins at Grandma's for our annual trek around Genoa. 

Their bounty! We are down to 2 bowls. I'm giving them until Wednesday and then I'm taking it all to work. I'm tired of looking at it! Ha!

Trunk or Treat!

Our church hosted their annual Trunk or Treat! 
Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating so they moved it inside. 
So it turned into Table or Treat. 
We chose a Red Carpet theme and gave out popcorn instead of candy! 
It was a huge hit!

Our winnings! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


It was time for another road trip with Katie and Roz. Everyone was ready. 
Because of schedules and the holidays and vacations coming up, we decided on a day trip to Cleveland. I may have pushed for this a little because I was dying to go to a famous house. More on that. We started out early on Saturday and made our way to our first stop. 

The Melt!
How do you go to Cleveland and not eat at The Melt! So yummy!
Katie's sandwich was bigger than her head! HA!

Next up was all I wanted to do. My life is complete. Ha! 
The Christmas Story House!

We visited the gift shop, museum, and house! It was so cool!

It was so cool and I'm thankful my group humored me on this visit. 
Next up was a gigantic candy store. 
It was super cool and the girls made purchases for taste testing later on. 

After we loaded up on sugar, we headed downtown to check out the sights. 
We found the department store where A Christmas Story was filmed. It's actually now a casino but they still had the sign! 

We drove past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was closed but we snagged a picture.

It was a cold and rainy day so we decided to head home. 
But not before a pit stop for cheesecake. 
But our fun wasn't over. 
We had a sleepover!!
We watched movies, ate lots of food and chilled out. 
The girls participated in their taste test challenge. Katie and I tried a little. But gross. 

We had a wonderful time and no one was ready to say goodbye. 

Pumpkins {Fleitz Pumpkin Farm}

Our lives have been crazy with school, sports, and everything else! 
We were very behind on Halloween, so I came home from work on the Friday before Halloween, grabbed the girls, and we headed to Fleitz. I made them take come pictures before I let them play. 
They cooperated, we got donuts and they played in the gross corn for 15 minutes.

We picked out pumpkins and went home to decorate. I'm not a carver, it's too much work. 
So we glued broken crayons to the top and busted out the hair dryer! 
The girls loved it!

The finished product. Not super cool but cool enough.