Thursday, September 22, 2016

Autumn Moon Festival

We celebrated a very low key Autumn Moon Festival this year. We are in a crazy time of our lives but I needed to be sure we recognized it! 
First up was Ava Kate's celebration at school. 
I sent in Mooncakes and also Moonpies. Because let's be honest, Mooncakes are gross. 
Her teacher printed out Chinese letters and the kids were able to write their names using Chinese characters.

Ava read the book explaining the festival to her class. She's growing up!

Next up was Addy's celebration! She also took the book to school but only took in Moonpies. I didn't think the 5 year olds would like to try the Mooncakes. 
We spent the evening outside admiring the Harvest Moon. It was simply beautiful!

The Greek Festival!

Beautiful weather. 
The Greek Festival. 
Perfect day in the 419.

We enjoyed baklava with ice cream!

Played on the bounce houses

And we enjoyed the most amazing food!

This is hands down one of my most favorite festivals!

Monday, September 19, 2016

New Bedrooms!!!

We did some room changing here at The Houghtaling's. 
A few weeks ago we were out shopping (for a new table) and Ava found a set of bunk beds that she loved! She begged hard. Very hard. But there was no way we were going to spend the money on these beds for her. Because maybe you'll remember we are a co-sleeping family. We cannot get these girls to sleep in their own room to save our lives. So, we cut a deal. Sleep in your room for a week and we'll make it happen. 
She kept up her end of the deal, so we did to. We spent all of Labor Day painting, cleaning, organizing. 
We cleaned out the toy room and converted it to an Ohio State bedroom for Ava. 
Addy asked for a pink room so that was an easy change for her. We just took all of the current decorations and loaded it with Anna and Elsa. 
Ava has been in her room ever since. Addy? Not so much. She acknowledges it as her room and even goes into there to read books. But that's it. Every night I ask her where she is going to sleep. 
Her answer?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Tour of Ohio

John and I needed some John and Sara time, so we sent the girls to Nana's and started the Tour of Ohio. It wasn't originally planned as that but we rolled with it. We started Friday night in Cleveland. We joined our friends for the Indian's game. 

The weather was perfect. Such a fun night! We headed to Medina after that to spend the night. We got up the next morning, had a quick breakfast with Uncle George and headed to Yellow Springs. Yellow Springs is down by Dayton and its the cutest little hippie town. We had a wonderful time eating, shopping, and more shopping. 

We were able to visit this Sunflower field and it was the most beautiful thing!

And one of us may have gotten a new tattoo. 

We headed home after a fun weekend and told the girls to pick where they wanted to eat for dinner. Ava decided on the "Girl with the pigtails" and there were lots of snuggles that night. 

Addy Grace Moves Up!

Our tiny but mighty FIVE year old has officially moved into the Pre-Kindergarten room at school. 
She had a few rough drop offs but is doing awesome! 
So proud of her!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Meeting Baby Amelia

Our friends, Sean and Charlotte, recently had a new baby! We were able to stop over to meet Baby Amelia. I may have possibly been a slight baby hog. 
Ava Kate didn't have much interest in holding the baby. Ha! 

When they weren't snuggling on Baby Amelia, the girls had a fun time with Big Sister, Madeleine. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Indian Creek Zoo - Panda's

Our August Panda's group was held at Indian Creek Zoo. It's a local petting zoo and we were able to feed the animals! With the exception of one incident, we had a wonderful time with our friends!

Such a cool little place!