Thursday, January 31, 2019

Book Store Visit!

Both of the girls had rockstar report cards so we treated them to a trip to the bookstore. 
Ava had been begging for the new Diary of A Wimpy Kid book and Addy picked out a cookbook. 
More on that later!
Congrats girls! We are so proud of you and your success in school!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Oh, Winter!

It was inevitable. It had to happen. 
The winter weather has hit NW Ohio. 
We were prepared for it. All of our plans had been canceled because of the snow. 
Knowing the snow was coming on Saturday and we wouldn't be doing anything the rest of the weekend, we let the girls have friends over Friday night. 
They played and hot tubbed!

We got about 7 inches of snow. Living in the country with no trees left some spots bare and other spots with 3 foot drifts. 

The girls went outside a few times but the frigid temperatures kept us inside and snuggled by the fire place for most of the weekend! 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Recovery Institute of Ohio

Uncle Nate hosted his grand opening and ribbon cutting for his new facility on Friday. 
This was a double special day because we were also celebrating his 11 year sobriety date. 
He's been sober for eleven years. This always is so emotional for me. 
We lived in a very dark world for years and now we celebrate. 
My heart was bursting on Friday! Nate is truly my hero. 
There were many guests there for the ceremony and the mayor of Sandusky and the Ottawa County commissioner cut the ribbon. Plus he had two of the cutest ribbon holders ever. 
Our close family friend and one of the pastor's at our church, Dawn, gave the blessing. 
It was a special time for her because she has been in our family since before we were born. 
She was choked up talking about Nate's recovery. It truly was a special day! 

After the ceremony I made the family stay out in the cold for pictures. We needed to capture this special time!

Sara and Gina Visit!

About two years ago, our friends Sara and Gina moved to Washington. 
Sara had received a job transfer. They love it out there and their family still lives in Toledo so they visit as often as they can. We were fortunate enough to catch up for dinner. 
Chinese food and great conversation! 
We even convinced Shannon to join us! 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Otsego Cheer Competition

We had our first cheer competition of 2019! 
We headed to Tontogany for the Otsego competition! 
Her BFF, Maisie, cheers with her too! 
I stole some pictures from other Mama's too! 
I love them so!
Addy has a big role this season as she is the "WIN" sign holder and also has a "duet" cartwheel with another little girl during the dance portion. 
She is so fun to watch!

Best news? Their squad took 1st place!

Ava was with Nana so we finished off our day with dinner with these 2! 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Impromptu Lunch

Uncle Nate sent a group text on Sunday morning to see what everyone was doing. 
Luckily, no one had any major plans so met up for lunch! 
The girls were all about pictures so we captured some memories. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Find Your Tribe

I'm so grateful my girls have Ella and Roz. 
The bond they have formed over the last 8-9 years is unbreakable. 
They will always have this and each other. 
Plus, I got the icing on the cake with their mama's. 
Our bond is just as strong. 

Our time together is always fun. 
Hoverboards, wrestling, and a cold hot tub made for a super fun Saturday!