Sunday, July 23, 2017

Happy Birthday, Uncle Nate!

We celebrated Uncle Nate's birthday at Pizza Papalis. 

Happy Birthday!

VBS - Factory Funmakers!

We had another amazing week at VBS!! All of the kids LOVED it! I don't have many pictures because I ran registration and was quite busy. It was 5 late nights but, oh so fun! 

Evelyn Visits!

Evelyn made a 2 week visit to Ohio. She spent the first week with her Grandma and the second week with us. We went camping, swam, and spent the week at VBS.

Camping at Manapago

We spent last weekend at my friend, Shannon's, lake house. She has a home at Manapago campground in Indiana. We loaded up the bikes and headed to Indiana for the weekend! 

We got in on Friday night and just chilled around the fire. This little one is a pyromaniac. She freaked me out all weekend!

We woke up Saturday morning and had breakfast with Batman. It was superhero weekend so they had a little parade and donuts. 

Both of my girlies won raffle prizes!

After breakfast we headed out on the Shannon and Brian's boat and docked at the sand bar. 
We spent all afternoon swimming and having fun! Well, maybe I read a little. 

We went back to shore and I helped carry stuff back to the house. While John went back out with the girls on another friends boat and went tubing! 

The girls had a blast!! And I enjoyed my quiet time. 
We finished on the weekend with a sunset swim at the beach.

We had a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to go back again next year!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fourth of July Weekend!

We had a wonderful but busy weekend! We kicked off the weekend on Friday with a trip to the drive in. We saw Despicable Me 3 with the intention of staying for Wonder Woman. But...the week exhaustion kicked in and we left after the first movie. 

The next day brought a visit from Jeremy. He was in town for a few days so he spent the day at our swimming and having fun. After he left, we went on an ice cream run and stopped at one go my stomping grounds as a child. We used to spend many of summer weekends at Crane Creek. It's now grown over and not as pretty as I remembered it. It was sad. But I later learned they turned it is dedicated to wildlife. 

I was fortunate to be off work on Monday before the fourth. Daddy had to work so the girls and I met some friends for a play date. First up, though...Addy Grace ear checkup. This girl had a wicked ear infection for two weeks. She did so well! 

We met Roz and her mama for lunch and then headed to the playground to play. We finished up with ice cream with another family who was visiting from Georgia. They are making a big move internationally so I'm grateful we got to meet (for the first time!) before they made their big move. 

Ava is completely into taste testing different things. She roped me into buying 5 different kinds of soda's at the store and her and Addy spent the next hour blindfolded and taste testing. 

We finished the weekend with the family in Woodville to enjoy fireworks. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

Remembering Jana

A couple of months back, one of our own FCC mama's took her final breath and went to be with Jesus. Jana was a kind southern soul whom everyone loved the minute they met her. She was genuine, loving, and oh so funny! It was a sad day for our group but we decided to celebrate her life in the best way possible. We dedicated our June LNO to our own little Southern cooking night. A huge thanks to Mama Heather for opening her home and allowing us all to hang in her back yard. The food was off the charts. We made memories and talked about some of our favorites of Jana. It was a wonderful night to celebrate a wonderful woman. 

Jana and I shared a BIG love for Coke. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

22 Miles!

So my kids are pretty much rockstars. 
John decided to take them on the inland bike trail. It's a 22 mile loop. 
I told him he was crazy because Addy has only been riding a bike for about a month. 
Well, guess what? She nailed it. 
Along with Aunt Emily and Ava. 
They packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed mulberry's. 

Way to go!!

Happy Birthday, Nana!

Nana picked El Camino for her birthday dinner this year! 
We gathered for yummy food and even better margarita's. 
It was a wonderful time with the family minus Nate. Who was in Florida. :) 

Play Date with Audrina

Addy's best friend at preschool was Audrina. Since Addy finished school, we haven't seen Audrina. Her mom reached out because Audrina was having a hard time and was missing Addy so much. That just warmed my heart and made me sad! We arranged a picnic and play at the park. 
And surprised them! They ran to each other and hugged for many minutes! 
It was so sweet! 

Unfortunately they will be going to different schools so we have to make the effort to keep them close! 

Farmer's Market and Slime

My new favorite thing to do is Saturday mornings at the Toledo Farmer's Market! I had to take a week off because it was becoming pretty expensive! Ha! 
We were so excited to have Ella join us one morning.

Holey Toledough donuts have become a family favorite!

These loves talked me into slime kits at the market so we came home and they went to work. 

They had so much making creations!