Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beauty and The Beast

Last Sunday these crazies and their mama's joined each other to take in the newly released Beauty and The Beast. 

It was fantastic! We loved it! Every one of us. 
Even my non princess loving Ava said "that was one of the best movies I have ever seen, Mom" 
We followed it with mexican food at a restaurant with a slide in the middle! 
The girls had a blast!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I squeaked one more year with the Shamrock pillow case dress. 
Ava wanted absolutely no part of wearing green or dressing up. So she came home and said she had multiple pinches. Ha! 
We celebrated with green pancakes and green milk! 
The leprechaun visited Addy's class but not Ava's "because I'm in 2nd grade mom".

Ava Kate's Spring 2nd Grade Picture

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sawyer's Sidekicks

We were so happy to participate in a fundraiser for our sweet little Sawyer. The girls were so excited to bowl! 

It was such a fun night with our friends. All of the kids had a blast!

And let's be honest I got to hang with these girls. 

A great night with a fun group!!

FCC Cares

We do. 
We spent a fun morning with our Panda's group decorating and packing bags for local foster families. One of our awesome mama's coordinated and ordered all of the kits. 

Each kid was able to decorate a bag for a foster child and then fill the bag with the goodies. 

Each of the girls did a wonderful job! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Ohio Adoption Day for Addy!

We finalized Addy's adoption in the State of Ohio. Her adoption was final but this allows us to get her an Ohio birth certificate. It is the absolute cutest thing. The judge was so kind and so interested in our story. She was the same judge we had for Ava. She was so excited to see Ava again too!

We finished off with a frosty celebration. I only find it amazing that her cup reflected what is so true for our little Addy Grace. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Long, long overdue #houghtalinggirls

Lunch with Ava

One of Uncle Nates many newspaper covers

Addy's drawing of her family

Addycakes and Rya

Poppy headband

One of my many mommy superpowers. Two girls, two games at one time.

Audiologogy test

Making gummy bears (#failure)

Aunt Tammy wrote Ava's note for her lunch!

Hi, I'm Mommy - Addy

With the ever changing Grandma location, there are lots of opportunities for wheelchair rides. 

Dinner in the living room!

Fun Night out with friends!

Unseasonably warm weather brings shorts!

Princess day at school!

Sebastian the Turtle lives at the pet store

Sweet Aunt Carol from Colorado!

Mommy, you want a cookie?

Guess what we had for lunch?

Library fun!

Uncle Nate is back from Florida!

Soccer camp rebels!

Lunch with Mama Katie!

Cavity free!

Megan's Baby Shower!

A couple of weekends ago we road-tripped to Medina for Megan's baby shower. Megan is due to with Baby G in May. We have no idea on the gender so we are super anxious! It was a wonderful gathering with family. 

Ava Kate filled out the well wishes Nick and Megan. Sweetest thing ever. 
She was also very excited to win a game. We let her enjoy her winnings that evening. She was so excited to have real pop!

We had a wonderful day celebrating and enjoying all the little cousins!