Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tigers Game!

Ava's friend, Cora, celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. 
Instead of a party, she opted to take a few friends and go to a Tiger's game in Detroit. 
I volunteered to ride along with and lend another adult hand to Cora's mom. 
We had so much fun!! I thought it was going to be a boring baseball game, but we had a blast!

The girls celebrated every run and the Tiger's won!! Super successful trip!

Mother's Day!!!

Gosh, do I even need to tell you how much I love Mother's Day?!?!
Not only do I get to celebrate with my two little loves, but their handmade gifts are perfection. 

I started celebrating on Friday. I was invited to Ava's class for Mother's Day Tea. 
These questionnaire's were hanging outside the room. 

Ava's teacher outdid herself!

My mom took the girls for dinner on Friday and they came home with this big bouquet of balloons. 

Sunday we went to church and headed home for a cookout with the family!

I received the best gifts! My annual plate from Packer Creek, John got me a fathead to hang in the bedroom with our family pictures, and Addy's picture. I could not love this drawing anymore than I do. It's my favorite!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tricia's Bridal Shower!

My friend, Tricia, is getting married! 
We have worked together for 15 years. 
She patiently waited for her Prince Charming and it was worth the wait!
I'm sorry to miss the wedding but was happy I was able to celebrate at her shower!

School Carnival

Genoa Elementary hosted their annual school carnival on May 4th. 
The girls had a blast and I worked the ticket booth for a couple of hours.
Such a fun time!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!

Spring Soccer 
It has been our life for the last few weeks. 
But we love it! 
The last few Tuesday's the girls have had games at the same time on fields next to each other. 
We sit in between the fields and watch them both at the same time. 
These next couple weeks, they are in different towns. 
That will be a little challenging. :) 

They didn't win this game but they are so cute, we still took them for ice cream. 

Glow Jumping!

We spent a Friday night at Skyzone for Glow Jumping with our friends! 
No broken bones and everyone had a great time!

We took the convertible to get there and it was a chilly, windy ride for the girls!
Come on, warm weather! 
These girls want to cruise!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018