Sunday, March 24, 2019

Spring Break!

The girls spent last week on Spring Break. 
Since John and I both were working, there was quite a bit of friend time! 
They had fun and slept hard each night! 
It takes a village! 

Daddy's Little Helper!

We had a situation with our floor in the utility room. Luckily my husband is super handy and was able to fix on his own. Well, with a little help. 
I walked in and saw this. I love her!


John caught me at a weak moment and talked me into going to the KISS concert. 
It was on his bucket list so I agreed to go. 
It was fantastic! It really was. 
So entertaining but their pyrotechnics almost made me have a heart attack! 

It was a great concert but let's be honest. It was still a Sunday night and I needed caffeine. 

We came home and the girls and Emily were passed out but it looked like they had a little party of their own! 

Nieces and Nephews!

John and I had a date night in Cleveland (more on that) and we stopped on the way to meet our new niece, Kelsey! Gah! I love, love, love babies! 
She was so sweet and precious and slept the entire time! 
We also got to hang with big brother, Bennett! 
When he slowed down enough...

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mimi and DG Sleepover!

These super brave grandparents aka Mimi and DG aka Roz's grandparents invited all of the girls over to spend the night! Rockstars!! 

There was a special visit with Aunt Leigh, pizza, and ice cream. 

They spoiled the girls as grandparents would. My girls had a blast! 
But the fun wasn't over. Katie picked them up in the morning and took them back to their house to play. 

Another weekend, another sleepover. 

End of the Year Cheer Banquet

We celebrated the cheer season with the end of the year banquet. 
She had her heart set on a trophy but unfortunately her ticket wasn't pulled. 
But she walked away with a medal and awesome memories!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dr Appts - The Cough and Cleft Clinic

We had a couple of Dr appts last week. 
First up was a visit to the pediatrician. Addy has had a horrific cough for months. 
I have tried everything. 
Any kind of medicine, oils, home remedies. 
I felt so bad because I couldn't bring her relief. 
So we were back to the Dr for a second appt. 
We decided to try some experimental treatment because the Dr and I both had thoughts. 
After a week of experimenting, it was determined our sweet girl has asthma. 
I'm so grateful we finally know and that it isn't a severe form. She is on a daily pill and and an inhaler, as needed. Primarily before any sports.

Next up was our annual Cleft Clinic. Both girls got a clean bill of health. We need to call the oral surgeon in the summer for x-rays for Addy to see where we are with her bone graft. 

Thankful for our healthy, gorgeous girls!

Saturday, March 16, 2019


We had a planned playdate with Ella and Roz. Ava asked a couple of days before if we could turn it into a sleepover, which of course, I agreed to. All of my girls overnight! 
They had tons of fun, food, hot tub, hover boards and a Pirate in the Caribbean. 

Addy drew a picture of our Framily. I think it looks wonderful!

Cheer For A Cure!!

We wrapped our cheer season this past Saturday at Cheer For A Cure! 
It had postponed due to weather.
The girls did wonderful and snagged 1st Place!! 
So proud of Comet Inspire!