Monday, December 30, 2013

Fun Day Out!

Today we had some errands to run. John had to get fitted for his tux, we needed a new water bottle for Donatello, and a return to the mall. Nana, JoJo, and Uncle Nate joined us. We kicked it off with lunch at Red Robin where Ava attacked Nana's salad.

Who knew the mall could be so fun. While I tried on a gazillion dresses for Jeremy's wedding, Daddy entertained Ava. They took a train ride and took selfies. 

And he wore her out. 
Notice the Spiderman hat? Yes, we returned some super cute girly jammies that were way too big and this is what she chose instead. My little tomboy. 

Night With Liv and Mo

Every year I take the girls to the zoo to see the lights. We went before Ava even joined our family. Well, time and weather just were not allowing this to happen. Everytime we could go, it was like 7 degrees. Everytime we couldn't go, it was 40 and perfect. So we didn't make it before for Christmas so we thought we would try after. Well, a schedule that got out of whack and time crunch screwed me up again. I wanted to still do something fun with the girls so we headed to Levis Commons. I promised if they took a few cute pictures, I would get them frozen yogurt. And this is what I got!

So they got their yogurt. Well, then we noticed the horse and carriage. We had to check it out. And...

I think these smiles prove that I redeemed myself. The girls loved it!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

EllaRozzie Emmett Playdate!

Today we had Ella, Roz, and Emmett over to play. So the kids played, and the mama's chilled. Just what we needed. How completely adorable are this kids???
I know, right????

And Donatello even came out of his cage to enjoy the kids. 

Thanks to the mamas for making the drive. Love you all!!

Christmas 2013 - Santa Style

This is the first year that Ava truly got the Santa thing. Like she was sooooo into it!! Therefore at 6:15am, she sat straight up in, grabbed my shoulders and yelled "Let's get up!!!" Haha!! I couldn't help but join in her excitement!!! So awesome! I ran ahead of her and Daddy and grabbed the camera and captured this. Her face.

She flew over and immediately started digging in!!

And do I even have to mention how absolutely awesome her bed head is? We couldn't make it better if we tried!

Later in the morning Grandpa, Tina, Tammy, Carl, Nana, Em, Nate, and us celebrated! We had a gift exchange this year instead of buying for everyone. Uncle Nate got my name and I was pretty happy! Nothing like a kindle fire!!! Merry Christmas to me!

Ava was a big fan of her Ninja Turtle mask. 

Later in the day we celebrated with the Dunn side of the family! All of the cousins together. Oh, and yes, it is 5:40 in the afternoon and Ava is already in her superhero pajamas. 

I made the kids pose for a picture before the tore into the presents. And they cooperated so well! I was proud!

And the presents happened! Man, these kids have speed!!! Poor Jordyn got a duplicate gift. But she took it in stride. 

One gift the girls got was an indoor snowball kit. And so the fight started! And it was big!! Adults, kids, you name it. It was so fun!! And nothing was broken. Good fight!

After everyone was a hot and sweaty mess, I decided we needed to take family pictures. Every family and then Grandma with all of her kids. 

We ended the night with a sleepover with Liv and Mo. Love these girls to pieces!!!

What a fantastic Christmas!! We hope you all had a wonderful and magical holiday!

Christmas Eve

We kicked off Christmas Eve with lunch at Fricker's with my dad and his brothers. We have done this for many years. 

Oh, wait....back up...I had to share this picture...Ava. In a dress. Umprompted. 

After lunch, we went home to change clothes and headed to the 4pm service at Mainstreet Church. It was a beautiful service and we all loved it. We headed home and Nana, JoJo, Emily, and Uncle Nate came over. We ordered pizza and let Ava open presents (including Donatello). 

Afterwards Ava got into her Christmas jammies!

Ava and Em in their Christmas jammies

We hung out Donatello a little more

set out the reindeer food

set out the milk and cookies for Santa

and read a book with Daddy (notice that her jammies are already off)

Off to bed for little girl and then Santa visited!!!