Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Murphy Family

About a year ago, I was up late one night reading blog posts (shocker, I know). Anyhow one of the blogs that I started stalking that night belonged to The Murphy Family. They are a family from South Florida, Delray Beach to be exact. Which is where Nate was living at the time. So I was immediately interested. And then I started to read and fell in love with this family. Lisa and Jimmy are parents to Madi, 7, Daniel, who is celebrating in heaven, and Charlie, 3. Lisa and I connected through Yahoo and then became friends on Facebook. We have stayed connected and I contacted her when I knew we where going to be in the area. We made arrangements to meet for dinner. I was so excited!! I made sure they brought the kids because I had to meet them. I'm so glad we made this connection. We have made lifelong friends!!!
And even though Ava wasn't there, they were sweet enough to send home a gift for her!
Love you Murphy family!!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Sara! Your beautiful post made me cry!!! Thank you so much, friend!! Funny...I promised the kids that I wouldn't get on the computer today, but Jimmy needed to get on for business, and I happened to see this:)

    Love you guys:)
    Lisa & family