Thursday, May 23, 2013


I have a crazy day at work tomorrow and I have lots to here they are a day early!

1. Before we left for Hershey on Saturday, we went to Morgan's birthday party. Lisa gave all the kids treat bags. I confess that I allowed Ava to chow down on the treats in the car to keep her from being a horrible car mate.

2. For the rest of the story on Ava sleeping on the trolley...she fell asleep on me. She drooled on her shirt. She had a hershey kiss in her mouth. Yep, I walked around the rest of the day with a chocolate drool stain on my shirt. Oh, the joys of parenthood!

3. We bought a pack of 30 candy bars for Ava's class at Chocolate World. I brought them home and showed them to my mom. She reminded me that they aren't allowed to have nuts or peanut butter in the class. So...I did it. I went to the Dollar Store and bought enough candy bars to cover the amount of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey with Almonds. While the kids are thinking they are eating straight from Hershey candy bars, they were eating them straight from the Dollar Store! LOL!

4. I went shopping at the Outlets in Hershey. I confess that I went into the Gymboree Outlet and bought NOTHING. I should get a frickin' award for that!!!

5. And one sad confession...while driving around Hershey, we passed a cemetary. My heart broke when I saw a young guy sitting in a chair in front of a grave playing the guitar. If I would have paid more attention I would have taken flowers to the grave. But I couldn't remember the specific. But it just made my heart so sad.

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