Friday, May 17, 2013


Ahh...I've been keeping a list for this post! I didn't want to miss anything.

1. This morning I stopped at Tim Hortons on my way to work. I ordered a muffin and a large sugary iced coffee. After I place my order the girl says "Is that all?" Um, yes. I just ordered about 800 calories of food. I think I'm good. Thanks!

2. I lost my ipod. I looked and looked. Couldn't find it anywhere for a good few weeks. I was afraid to tell John because lets be honest. If I lost someting it starts a whole thing of teasing. I finally caved after a few weeks. Here is how the conversations went down:
Me "Don't make fun or be mad, but I lost my ipod"
John "It's down on the treadmill. I wondered how long you were going to leave it sit there"
Guess it's been that long since I've been on the treadmill or near it. I blew the dust off and now happily jamming to Rihanna in my car again.

3. While in Florida I had 2 classes of wine at dinner. No, that's not my confession. My confession is afterwards we went to a store. I was feeling a tad loopy, but then after I said excuse me to a mannequin, I realized I was pretty loopy. (No, I wasn't driving).

4. While in the Bahama's I was so proud that I remembered sunscreen. On my face, front, legs....Not my back. Did I mention I fell asleep on my stomach? Um, ouch! But Ava is digging peeling the skin off my back.

5. While on the ship John thought I may have had mono. I took 3 naps in one day. I counted it out and I slept 16 of 24 hours. How amazingly awesome is that??? And I already feel like I'm in the hole again. Haha!

6. The other night we went to Mel O Creme. We got home and Ava left her ice cream on the counter. After about a half hour I threw the mostly melted cup in the garbage. She melted (no pun intended) down soon after. She wasn't done. Whoops! So, yes I did. I pulled it out of the garbage and let her eat it.

And there, my friends, are my confessions! Have a fantabulous weekend!!


  1. You had me laughing all the way through this one! I love that you talked to a mannequin and I also love peeling Wes' sunburnt skin. It's gross, I know, but I def do it!