Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

I had a fabulous Mothers Day! Absolutely fabulous. I woke up to breakfast in bed, chocolate chip pancakes and coffee. I won't share that picture. You're welcome...:)

I got a plate from Packer Creek Pottery (my request). Jan Pugh started a new Mother's Day tradition and will be making only 100 plates each year. I'm the proud owner of #81!
I stayed in bed for a long time. Watching 90210 reruns, paying bills, updating the blog, and stuff...It was so nice. We headed to the grocery to get food for dinner. We had a quaint little dinner with my mom, grandma, and 2 aunts. Nothing to fancy, just brats and macaroni salad. We kept the gifts simple this year and relied on Pinterest.
I hope all my mom friends had a fantastic day!! I love Mothers Day! It's so incredibly special.

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