Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Friday!!!

Let's confess...

1. The Little Couple. Oh, where do I start?? If you aren't familiar this is a couple, they are a couple who have a show on TLC and they are adopting from China. Well, so far this season it has been documenting their journey. I've cried. Every.Single.Week. Well, this past week was the "Gotcha Day" episode. The preview alone made me sob. Not cry, not weep, SOB. Therefore, I haven't watched it yet. It's just sitting there on my DVR calling my name. I'm building myself up. Aren't emotions crazy???

2. I love to read. And to be honest, I love the good love story sex books. The gaudier, the rauchier the better. I have just finished Beautiful Disasters and Walking Disaster. Loved them!!! So, I go to my kindle and look at the books that are recommended for me. There is a new one called Tempt Me. Ok, I'm tempted. And the best part?? It was free! So, I downloaded it and started it. Got totally sucked in. Clicking page after page and then all of a sudden it was over. I scrolled back and yep. This book was a whole 6 chapters and I read it in like a half an hour. Talk about disappointing. It was good, but I wasn't ready for it to be over. Stupid book.

3. Ok, this one is kind of mean. I'm almost to embarrassed to type it. Yesterday, I was walking to my car. And there is this camaro in the parking lot. Parked at an angle so no one would park close. The license plate? BJLOUS. Are you kidding me??? For a split second, my rebellious teenage years came back and I wanted to key the car. I know! I said a split second.

And I have to share one picture. I love when Ava borrows my phone and then I find this. I think this was on the trolley ride in Hershey. She apparently was bored! LOL!

She cracks me up!! Love her!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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