Thursday, May 23, 2013


If you live close to Hershey, I suggest you make the roadtrip and visit this sweet little town! I loved it, Ava loved it, John loved it. Granted, we are all on chocolate overload and I don't know when I'll eat a Hershey bar again. LOL! Prepare for picture overload....

We went swimming!

 Strolled though town and enjoyed the Hershey kiss streetlights!
 Enjoyed massive hot dogs at Fuddruckers!
 Visited Chocolate World!

 Enjoyed a ride in the park!

 Packaged Hershey Kisses!

 Waited for the 3D Movie and enjoying the art work!

 We created candy bars!

 We played at the playground!
 We took a trolley ride around the town!

 Ava passed out. Apparently, it was too boring for her! Check out my confessions for more on this...
 And rode rides while Mama shopped at the Outlets!
We had a great trip!!! It was nice to go away but I'm glad our travels are over. Now to focus on the big 5-0 for John!!

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