Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Thanks for all of the prayers the last few days. There's lots of things going on and my head has been swirling!

One of our favorite teachers at Ava's school, Debi,  lost her husband over the weekend. It was very unexpected  and has been weighing heavy on our hearts. Her husband, Jim, worked for BP so John knew him as well. His funeral is Friday and both of us plan to attend. Please continue to keep Debi in your prayers. As expected she is devastated.

Poor little Ava has a bruised tailbone. She jammed it on the rock wall at school last week. She was still complaining today, a week later, so I called the Dr. They said it usually takes a few weeks to feel normal again. She is definitely doing better, mostly just the car seat and sitting on hard chairs. I've been giving her Motrin to ease the pain. She keeps telling me her "butt crap" hurts. Haha.

My boss, Martha, has announced she is leaving Owens Corning. Her last day is the 21st. This left me reeling!!! I truly, absolutely have the most amazing boss ever. It's going to be hard to say goodbye but I'm so happy for her and her next adventure.

We have two more days of reality and then we start having family arrive for the big party this weekend!! We are so looking forward to it!!

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