Sunday, June 9, 2013

Catch Up and Confessions!!

I'm a little behind so I thought I would share my phone pictures along with my confessionals. I know y'all missed them on Friday! :)

Lunch with Ava...she managed to hold on to the 4th spoon. 

1. I confess that I somewhat played hooky on Friday. I worked from home. Because I was tapped out. And the thought of putting on a bra to go to work seriously made me want to cry. 

Macaroni and cheese picnic

2. John worked nights this past week. When John works nights, Ava and I eat whatever for dinner. John likes the whole square meal thing. I could eat cold spaghetti o's out of a can. LOL! Anyhow, I made macaroni and cheese and tuna fish sandwiches. Ava took about 4 little nibbles of her sandwich. I didn't want to trash it, so I packed it up for lunch the next day. Haha! A girl I work with stopped me and asked a mouse got a hold of my sandwich. :) 

Girls Night

3. I recorded the new show Mistresses. I love smut TV. But it so risqué that I can only watch a few minutes at a time because Ava is always around!!

Soccer (she scored a goal for the other team)

4. I confess that I haven't been the best keeping up with Ava and her showers since we opened the pool. She swims every night and then all of a sudden on day 3, I think "oh my word, she needs her hair washed"! 

Ava helped me with breakfast this morning

We are prepping for the big luau this weekend!! I truly feel like I am planning a wedding. Therefore, we are now calling it the wedding! 

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