Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Happy Birthday, Ava Kate!

A few months backed Ava asked me if she had to have a birthday party. I looked at her like she had nine heads. She asked if she could go to Legoland with a couple of friends. I did some research and found the closest Legoland was in Auburn Hills, Mi, about an hour and a half away. She invited 3 of her friends and I invited Molly, a friend of mine and the mom of Ava's BFF. 

This is what a really cool NINE year old looks like!

Road Trip!

The girls great on the trip up and were so excited to get there!

We were about halfway through and the fire alarm went off!! The entire facility was ushered outside. It only lasted about 15 mins. There were quite a few field trips so they think someone tripped the alarm. 

Once we were back in, we headed to the 4D movie. It was so funny and watching kids try and grab the objects was so funny!

After we finished at Legoland, I made us reservations at Rainforest Cafe. 

She was so excited because I let her have regular Coke. Little things in life. 

Next game the gifts. Look at Cora in the background. She played a trick on Ava. She got her a fake gift to open before she gave her the real gift. Ava tried so hard to not be rude but she wasn't loving the gift!

It took me some time to come to this decision but I decided to not take Addy to Legoland. I wanted to be able to focus on Ava and her friends. But it was okay because Mama Katie and Mama Heather brought Ella and Roz over to swim for the day! 

After our road trip, we came back the house to have dinner with the family! 

No ice cream in the living room! That's all they had too because Ava wanted an ice cream cake! 

Mya and Stella spent the night and can you guess which game they got her for a birthday gift!?!

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