Saturday, November 12, 2016

Halloween 2016!

Halloween is exhausting, yo. :) 
We were crazy busy on Halloween Day! I took a day of vacation to spend time with both girls at their respective festivities. 

Addy had a special treat day at school. She was a tad excited, could you tell?

We took the girls to a couple of Trunk or Treats before the actual day. Addy went back and forth between Elsa and Skye from Paw Patrol. 

Halloween Day was gorgeous weather wise. It was amazing NW Ohio weather. We started the day at Addy's school. This is my official last year Trick or Treating with the daycare. It's so crazy! 

Addy and her teachers!

After a two hour trek around the hospital and a TON of candy, we headed to Ava Kate's class. We took some class pictures before the parade started!

The elementary school has an annual parade with all of the kids in the school. Our little Darth Vader strutted her stuff. 

Ava got an early dismissal from school so we headed home to rest before the big night. We headed to my Grandmas's for Trick or Treat with the cousins. 

They had a wonderful time. Addy showed us every single piece of candy she received. She was so excited! My cousin Lisa and I were the official extra costume pieces carriers. That's a real thing! 
Another successful Halloween in the books!

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