Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Sweet Little Ava

A couple of weeks ago, Ava and I headed to the store to make Christmas returns and she was armed with her Christmas money. Once we made the return, she turned to me and asked where the blankets were. I reminded her that she received a couple of blankets at Christmas gifts and she said they weren't for her. 
"Mom, I want to use my money to buy something for families in need" 
My heart exploded. 
What a turn our shopping trip took! 

I decided to help her. I told her that everything she bought I would also buy so we could double the donation. 
We bought snow suits, blankets, gloves, socks, and diapers. 

Our last day of Christmas break was spent dropping everything off to a local shelter. They were so grateful! But the best part? There was a woman moving out that day with her baby and they didn't have diapers to give her. No worries, Ava Kate to the rescue. 

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