Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jersey Boys

A few months back John and I went to the Frankie Valli concert and I bought a CD for my car. 
The result? My girls are OBSESSED! That's all they want to listen to in the car and even have specific songs they request. 
#1, #15, and #19! 

So I was super excited to hear Jersey Boys was coming to Toledo and John and I decided I would Ava to the show. She LOVED it! I bet she knew more songs than most people in there. She sang, she danced, she asked questions. I was so proud to have her as my date!

The language was more vulgar than I remember so there was quite a bit of "don't repeat that word" but she just kept giggling. 

When we got home John asked her what her favorite part was? 
"The whole thing, Dad! It was so good!" 

Side note: Back over Christmas we were shopping and Ava was absentmindedly singing "Sherry" by The Four Seasons. An older gentleman stopped her and asked where she learned that song. And she said "It's my favorite band!" 
I love it!

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