Thursday, August 4, 2016


It's been awhile since I've done an installment of #houghtalinggirls so it's time to catch up!

The night we got home from vacation was the final night of the NBA finals. This is how the men in my life watched the last quarter. It was actually very intense!!! But the Cav's won so they were super stoked after this picture. 

Five years ago I had LASIK eye surgery done. My vision has been 20/15 since. I had my one year appointment and it turns out I need reading glasses. And here I thought it was the font on my new computer!

Kroger has changed my life for the better. Yes, Kroger. Click list to be exact! It's amazing!! You enter your grocery order online and then stop and pick up your groceries. And they load them for you. It's the most amazing thing EVER. 

AG got a splinter in her foot. Let's just say we hope she never has a major injury in her life. 

Grandma popped her hip out of socket again. So Nate and I passed time in the ER. 

My brother is so awesome. Seriously. Anyhow, he has started a family meeting for those with members that are fighting an addiction. Every week he has a guest speaker and I was asked to be his first one!! EEEK! But everything was wonderful! I shed many of tears but it was such an honor. I am so thankful to be on this side of addiction. Finally. 

Ava Kate begged and for her birthday we got her a guitar and lessons! She had her first lesson this week and loved it!

Playing with Uncle Nate in the pool!

Helping Kelly make appetizers before dinner. 

These girls!

Begging Mommy for some candy at the store. I held strong. No candy for them!

I was arrested by Swat Ava. 

She fun at Lisa and Keith's catching fish! And then playing with them!

Oreo taste test!

Swimming fun with the babysitter's kids!

Putting these girls to work!

Her shirt though...

My little girly girl got into my makeup!

The finished product

I was heading out for a girls night and someone didn't want me to go!

Leilani came to visit for the weekend!

Ava and her friend from school have been spending lots of time this summer together. Her name is Sianna and her mom was teaching them to knit!

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