Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dentist and Earrings!

The girls had their 6 month dental checkup. We absolutely LOVE their dentist. Everyone is so kind and the girls are super comfortable and never afraid. I'm so thankful for this because as a child I was petrified of the dentist which led to horrible care on my part as a young adult. I have since found a fantastic dentist! Anyhow, Ava Kate is cavity free! Addy Grace has a very small cavity on her cleft tooth. Those little buggers are hard to clean. 

The whole way to the appointment and throughout, all Addy talked about was getting "eannings". She had her ears pierced previously but lost an earring and it closed. She would not stop talking about  this. So, we decided that while she had the courage we needed to take advantage. She didn't even shed a tear! She ROCKED it! She shows off her earrings to anyone who will look! 

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