Sunday, September 23, 2018

Lia's Wedding Weekend - Part 1

Lia (John's sister's daughter) and her fiance, Tyler, got married! 
They have been together for quite some time so we already know and love Tyler. He has survived the Houghtaling family vacations. 
They chose Watervale Inn in Northern Michigan as their venue. 
This was basically a destination wedding for all of us. 
We were able to go off the grid, enjoy the quiet, and spend some wonderful times with family! 
We stayed in a cabin (which was a 5 bedroom house) with George and his family. 
This was the view from our front porch. 

We picked the girls up a little early from school and headed North. 
Friday night was a bon fire for all the guests! 
The girls had a blast and were absolutely filthy from playing in the sand all night!

We had s'mores

The views of Lake Michigan...breathtaking!

Saturday morning we were up early! We had the day to explore until the wedding later. 
We loaded the car with cousins and set out! 
We went to the Overlook and The Lighthouse. 
We found a farmers market and had lunch at A&W! 
Such a fun day!! 

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