Saturday, August 11, 2018


Yes, it's true. Ava has turned TEN. 
She's ten. Double digits. 
I gave her the option of a big party or a small slumber party. 
She chose the small slumber party. 
We started out the day with me being the meanest mom in the world because I made her go to Kumon. 
But I tried to make it up to her with a birthday cake pop from Starbucks. 

The party kicked off with taco's, followed by the pinata.

She chose a soccer theme and an ice cream cake!

All of the sweet loves at her party. 
Roz, Cora, Lyla, Mya, Charli, and Ella!
I'm so grateful she has such amazing sweet friends!

Roz made sure the three girls had matching shirts!

Lots of swimming

And smores!

I spent the next 20 mins cleaning out spit cups from the big game of BeanBoozled. 

We had some late ones and I think they finally were all asleep by 2:30am. 
There may have been a cuss word out of my mouth when the screaming became too loud!
Donuts and a little more swimming the next morning rounded the party out. 
She had a great party and we all took it easy the next days and took awesome naps!

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