Monday, December 4, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Addy Grace started out the Thanksgiving holiday with her annual feast at school.
They dressed as Pilgrims and Indians. It was also show your team spirit going into the OSU/Michigan game. So our little Indian was a Buckeye underneath. Ha!

We started Thanksgiving Day at Mama Heather's church. They prepare and deliver meals to families in Toledo. This year they served over 770! So crazy!
Last year we volunteered and delivered meals.
This year we volunteered making boxes and filling gravy cups.

Next up was Lunch/Dinner at The Feather's House!
We enjoyed a very yummy meal and even yummier desserts.

We had a wonderful holiday but it wasn't over. Thanksgiving night we hit the road to Vermont!
We did a super quick turnaround but had lots of love from Brody.
Stay tuned....

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