Thursday, June 1, 2017

Addy Grace Graduates Preschool!

My baby is officially done with preschool. She is completely ready to move on to Kindergarten. She has asked every day if she gets to ride the big girl bus! 

Graduation night came upon us and I made a pit stop on the way home. All Addy ever asks for is curly hair. So I stopped and bought hot rollers. She cracks me up!

The curls turned out so cute but didn't hold for long. We got through the ceremony with adorable waves. 

They came out first and sang a few songs for the families. Then went back to get ready for the big moment while we watched a video. 

This this happened. It was all I could do to get a good picture because she was skipping and hopping and just so excited!!

All ready to receive her diploma!

Our graduate!

We finished the night at El Camino where she was treated to fried ice cream! 
Now we have the summer to relax while we wait for the big girl bus. 

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