Sunday, March 12, 2017


Long, long overdue #houghtalinggirls

Lunch with Ava

One of Uncle Nates many newspaper covers

Addy's drawing of her family

Addycakes and Rya

Poppy headband

One of my many mommy superpowers. Two girls, two games at one time.

Audiologogy test

Making gummy bears (#failure)

Aunt Tammy wrote Ava's note for her lunch!

Hi, I'm Mommy - Addy

With the ever changing Grandma location, there are lots of opportunities for wheelchair rides. 

Dinner in the living room!

Fun Night out with friends!

Unseasonably warm weather brings shorts!

Princess day at school!

Sebastian the Turtle lives at the pet store

Sweet Aunt Carol from Colorado!

Mommy, you want a cookie?

Guess what we had for lunch?

Library fun!

Uncle Nate is back from Florida!

Soccer camp rebels!

Lunch with Mama Katie!

Cavity free!

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