Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Favorite Things

Our Christmas with friends this year had a different set up. We typically do a White Elephant exchange at someones house. Well, this year we shook it up a little because if I'm being honest, I hate the White Elephant. Sorry if that offends anyone, I'm just not a fan of junk and that's all you do is pass junk. :) 

We went to a nice restaurant in our area that served candy cane martinis. I had one. It was delicious! 

The girls. We had so much fun! 

This year we exchanged our favorite things. We put a $5 limit on the gift and we had to buy each girl something that is our favorite. I opted to buy them each a tube of my favorite lip gloss. 

Cindy bought us all her favorite lotion, Lisa bought us all her favorite hand soap, candy, and a Starbucks gift card, Heather got us all a small bottle of Captain Morgan and a picture, Sara bought us all her favorite oreo cookies, and Amy got us a gift card to her favorite pretzel place. This was so fun!!! We will be doing this for years to come!

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