Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Birthday's Galore!!

 Whew...October is a busy birthday month! But it's ok because we get to celebrate with our family and friends.
First up was our neighbor, Kelly's, 50th surprise party! I didn't tell the girls until we were on our way because I didn't want them spilling the beans. Oh, and the lies I told Kelly on the day of. Ha!
It was held at a local pizza place and the food was so yummy!

The girls love Holly and Jayce. Jayce is one of the pitchers for Michigan's baseball team. We still love him. :)

Kelly was so surprised! She had no clue. So happy to be a part of her day!

 Next up was Nick's 1st birthday!

We attempted. We did not succeed.

And then the time came...Aunt Emily's birthday! This kid loves her birthday more than anyone I know. We kept it simple with a dinner out of her choice. She picked a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed herself a nice margarita. 



 Happy Birthday, Aunt Emily! Two years to the big 4-0!






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