Sunday, September 25, 2016

Addy's Surgery, Part III

September 15th marked Addy's third surgery since being home and her second on her palate. 
Her speech is still very delayed and this past July at cleft clinic, along with the Dr's and speech therapist, we made the decision to lengthen her palate. 
We were at the hospital very early and Addy was in wonderful spirits. 

The surgery took about two and a half hours. She, of course, was a rockstar! 

They put us in a room afterwards but told us if she was doing well that we would be released the same day. Well, about 5:00 pm, we sprung free! 
We went home for a day of rest. 

 She has been amazing in her recovery process! The day after surgery she didn't want pain meds any longer. The worst part has been her diet. She was on liquids for a week and continues on soft foods. She hasn't been too sad though. It's pretty cool when you get ice cream for dinner. 

We had our one week follow up. Everything is healing nicely and the Dr thinks we should see a difference in about 3-4 months. But, knock on wood, we are seeing a little changes in single words. Stay tuned!!!

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