Sunday, May 1, 2016


Boy! Is this family ever busy?!?!?! 
But it's good busy! 

Ava had to do her first ever diorama for school. She was assigned the grey wolf. We were both pretty pleased how it turned out. 

Part of our busy is this. Soccer. I'm back to coaching and she's back to playing. I love being able to do this with her!

And one day at a game, our FCC and Soccer world collided. We got to play against Jade, one of our FCC friends!

Falling asleep on the bathroom floor waiting for Mommy in the shower. 

Taking golf lessons from Uncle Nate. 

Goofing off with Daddy!

Big hair, don't hair

We got to visit with our friend, Sara who is recovering from surgery. But the girls were more interested in Sadie. 

Play dough face. 

Play dough nails

Ava went to a birthday party and they had reptiles come in. Of course, she had no issues petting the big gross lizard. 

Ketchup lipstick

Doesn't everyone carry their ice cream in their basket?

All clean after almost a full 48 hours playing outside. That was some nasty bathwater.

And I got to indulge in my favorite night of the month. Love my FCC Mama's!!!

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